Sunshine Report

The Sunshine Report goes out at the beginning of each month and includes updates on the work of the Coalition, summaries of the most significant open government stories of the previous month and greater explanations of current hot topics.

Sunshine Report for November 2020

Sunshine Report for November 2020: FOIA fees here & across the country; FOIA Council; high-level denials; court cases; and more

Sunshine Report for October 2020

Sunshine Report for October 2020: Protest letters; special session; our conference; schools & COVID; and lots more...

Sunshine Report for September 2020

Sunshine Report, September 2020: special session; virtual meetings; COVID in higher ed; court cases and lots more open government news

Sunshine Report for August 2020

Sunshine Report for August 2020: annual report; awards deadline extended; redacted reports; litigation; and "s" versus "ed"

Sunshine Report for July 2020

Sunshine Report for July 2020: FOIA Court cases; TVa report; nursing home data; open government news

Sunshine Report for June 2020

Sunshine Report for June 2020: FOIA win at Supreme Court; COVID-19 and open government; the limitations of virtual meetings 

Sunshine Report for May 2020

Sunshine Report for May 2020: FOIA has COVID-19; Court wins (settlements, responses); GA's reconvene session; open government news

Sunshine Report for April 2020

Sunshine Report for April 2020: Coronavirus, what else?

April 2020 newsletter on meetings during COVID-19

The day after the governor declared a state of emergency to deal with the Coronavirus, VCOG posted to its daily newsletter the rules already in place to allow public bodies to meet electronically without a physical quorum in one place. A meeting under this section allows for an all-electronic meeting to discuss the declared state of emergency, but nothing else.

Sunshine Report for March 2020

Sunshine Report for 2020: General Assembly update; FOIA in the courts; our annual conference; open government news from around the state


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