Sunshine Report

The Sunshine Report goes out at the beginning of each month and includes updates on the work of the Coalition, summaries of the most significant open government stories of the previous month and greater explanations of current hot topics.

Sunshine Report for September 2022

Sunshine Report for September 2022: unusual arguments, records that contradict, abrupt resignations, contentious meetings and lots more

Sunshine Report for August 2022

public records repository; looking ahead to 2023; making a choice to withhold; National FOI Summit; and more

Sunshine Report for July 2022

Sunshine Report for July 2022: new laws; citizen+VCOG=superhero; library repository; and tumultuous times in several places

Sunshine Report for June 2022

conference wrap-up; the Uniform Law Commission; best practices; names/no names; court rulings; high fees; and so, so much more

Sunshine Report for May 2022

Sunshine Report for May 2022: A litigation month like no other; our conference - register or be a donor; open government news

Sunshine Report for April 2022

Sunshine Report for April 2022: Save the date!; General Assembly wrap-up; public comment pecking order; don't mention him; fair trial; and much more

Sunshine Report for March 2022

Sunshine Report for March 2022: wrong on working papers; opposed to roll-back; not a quorum; minimal disclosure on I-95 back-up; and more open government news

Sunshine Report for February 2022

Sunshine Report for February 2022: legislative update; Jenay Tate; forensic records; procedures ignored; court record access & more

Sunshine Report for January 2022

New bill charts; NFOIC announcement; apathetic, not lazy; the Kamikazie option; and many more open government news bites

Sunshine Report for December 2021

Sunshine Report for December 2021: redistricting comments; 3 council-endorsed proposals; body cam release roundup; lots of litigation; more


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