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Transparency News 4/23/18

FOIA case audio; non-board salary; non-disclosing disclosure form

Transparency News 4/20/18

Powhatan FOIA fight; disclosure forms; unsuccessful lobbying

Transparency News 4/19/18

FOIA in the court; bill passage rates; hell yeah; sports deals

Transparency News 4/18/18

megasite grilling; search resumes; no conflicts; not prompt

Transparency News 4/17/18

amicus brief; Pulitzers; hiding the ball; speech equality

Transparency News 4/16/18

defamation case tossed; new officer; disappearing email; trust

Transparency News 4/13/18

professor complaints; talking too publicly; would that every department

Transparency News 4/12/18

names, salaries, investigations, regrets

Transparency News 4/11/18

video released to counter misinformation; out-of-town meeting; gag order

Transparency News 4/10/18

VCOG daily access news, 4/10/18: student directory bills; accuracy & timing; what they didn't want to reveal


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