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Transparency News 11/20/18

state and local DSS; a stop and frisk data plan; Ivanka's email

Transparency News 11/19/18

SSN audit; public vetting; court records nerd; "Everybody out"

Transparency News 11/16/18

Twitter handle settled; missed meetings; EDA payment due; Assange charged

Transparency News 11/15/18

more Amazon - what can/will we know; ordinance procedure; online numbers

Transparency News 11/14/18

Virginia, Amazon, FOIA & the MOU; emergency communications; lawsuit numbers

Transparency News 11/12/18

sealed case; destroyed records; paying outside attorney; Comey & Gmail

Transparency News, 11/8/2018

heckler's veto; pharma files; unified public records law?

Transparency News 11/7/18

FOIA & university research; finance sector employees; claw back?

Transparency News, 11/6/2018

oral arguments; investigations -- ongoing or over and not public

Transparency News 11/5/18

Liberty's student list; cost of special sessions; judge's email


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