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Transparency News, 9/24/21

unauthorized contact; changed rules; toxic enviroment

Transparency News, 9/23/21

consent agreement not public (yet); what's a quorum; home buffer

Transparency News, 9/22/21

Suffolk schools' FOIA violation; why not talk publicly; what's a quorum

Transparency News, 9/20/21

Ffx FOIA by the numbers; removal, but OTOH, an expansion; govt-issued 1099s

Transparency News, 9/16/21

recesses, removals & cancellations; tweeting libel; Biden papers

Transparency News, 9/15/21

NFOIC conference; behaving; keep the courts open

Transparency News, 9/14/21

changing the way meetings meet; canceled interview; cold cases; I disagree

Transparency News, 9/13/21

FOIA win for JMU; contract revote; transparent selection process; LEGO budget

Transparency News, 9/10/21

looking for "gaps"; common law right of access; closed ethics meeting

Transparency News, 9/9/21

notice OK, response not; why'd you say it?; SCOTUS in person & streaming


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