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Transparency News 5/23/18

where is Fat Leonard; FOIA for speaker's office ties; fee waivers

Transparency News 5/22/18

ethics complaint; more TCOG audit results; deliberate delay

Transparency News 5/21/18

Richmond Fed; Tennessee audit; release jail death info

Transparency News 5/18/18

pro-info ruling in one case, but a limit in another; dueling press releases

Transparency News 5/17/18

jail death investigation info; confidentiality w/ Metro; closed meeting statement

Transparency News 5/16/18

no details on death; lethal injection drugs in NE; restraining order

Transparency News 5/15/18

Virginia History Trails app; no Jane Doe; expected better

Transparency News 5/14/18

chilling effect; journalist preference?; requesting footage cards

Transparency News 5/11/18

shutting down the student paper; unknown cause of death; fee hearings

Transparency News 5/10/18

last-minute resolution; the Freedom to Conceal Act


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