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Transparency News, 3/24/2023

virtual meeting action voided; suing to participate remotely; Maryland's court access bill

Transparency News, 3/23/2023

lots of police news & NOVA news -- raises, videos, gag orders, shooting data and restoration of rights

Transparency News, 3/22/2023

video released; severance package; electronic participation; having an attorney present

Transparency News, 3/21/23

fighting the release; no rehearing; streamed announcement; preserving documents

Transparency News, 3/20/2023

if only; video to be released; a little help here; 3 components of transparency

Transparency News, 3/15/2023

videos; vote; term limits; harmony; school websites; microlegislation

Transparency News, 3/14/2023

won't certify; input on anonymous people; passionate comments

Transparency News, 3/13/2023

VCOG's survey of state agency websites; public record charges a personal matter?; foilies; Sunshine Week

Transparency News, 3/10/2023

confidential settlement terms, not amount; missing video; skip the public hearing?


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