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Transparency News, 4/18/2024

suspended for video?; Madison artifacts; Louisiana decisionmaking

Transparency News, 4/17/2024

another thank you; report disputed; overtime; Kentucky loophole

Transparency News, 4/16/2024

urgent meeting; (edited) video release; cameras in New York

Transparency News, 4/15/2024

lawyer bills; gag orders; court reporters; lectern-gate

Transparency News, 4/12/2024

FOIA Friday; embezzlement; defamation over meeting removal; closed-door reform

Transparency News, 4/11/2024

genealogy workshop; selective viewing; election office FOIAs

Transparency News, 4/10/2024

DEI records; it COULD have been FOIA'ed; intragovernmental FOIA

Transparency News, 4/9/2024

conference schedule; survey says?; all-virtual meetings

Transparency News, 4/8/2024

ombudsman; decertification; wise use of tax dollars?

Transparency News, 4/5/2024

FOIA Friday; "no more to you"; embezzlement; our sponsors


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