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Transparency News, 5/17/2022

records show approval/denial; African American historic voter records

Transparency News, 5/16/2022

is there a document/who has it?; property owners subject to FOIA; request v. media inquiry?

Transparency News, 5/13/2022

last day to register! +editorials & a case of police suing city over FOIA

Transparency News, 5/12/2022

"Everything should be FOIAable"; work at untelevised work sessions; power

Transparency News, 5/11/2022

because of a newspaper investigation; sensitive info at home; reading aloud

Transparency News, 5/9/2022

video from court records; secret dam database; $4,000 for banned book info

Transparency News, 5/6/2022

town hall; closed meeting only; demographics leak?

Transparency News, 5/5/2022

fired, honored, still not talking; school email; e-filing for the few?

Transparency News, 5/4/2022

meeting wrongly cleared; VT's blanket denial; one releases, one doesn't


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