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Transparency News 2/22/18

monument meeting open or closed?; corruption cases; Kansas' anonymous bills

Transparency News 2/21/18

checkbook bill; tuition hearing bill; unsealing

Transparency News 2/20/18

bribery; student info; new lawyer; too many exemptions

Transparency News 2/17/18

investigations in VA vs. TN; the effect of recorded votes?; medical costs

Transparency News 2/16/18

bills' shaky advancement; district confusion; EEOC complaints

Transparency News 2/15/18

bills on student data, tuition increases; office hours; police video

Transparency News 2/13/18

transcript denied; individual phone calls; with friends like these

Transparency News 2/12/18

animals records; HB1's impact on student journos; political donors = personal attack?

Transparency News 2/9/18

streaming the IDA; confidentiality agreement; Glomar at the state level?

Transparency News 2/8/18

judiciary bill pulled; out-of-town retreat; competing student privacy bills


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