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Transparency News, 9/28/2023

redacted site plants; FOIA & find out; more meeting locations

Transparency News, 9/27/2023

limiting info; VSBA & FOIA?; too many people, too much time

Transparency News, 9/25/2023

not personally liable; the contract will go down in history; what's wrong with legislatures

Transparency News, 9/22/2023

FOIA Friday w/ anonymous police; contents of closed meeting; notarized requests

Transparency News, 9/21/2023

missing middle email?; check your phone; legislative records crisis in NC

Transparency News, 9/20/2023

NFOIC summit; vote rescheduled; raise rescinded; virtual votes

Transparency News, 9/19/2023

appealing; Histories Along the Blue Ridge; SLAPP; VRS hack transparency

Transparency News, 9/18/2023

we have the receipts; we've wanted to read it all along; vexatious requests

Transparency News, 9/15/2023

FOIA Friday; report FINALLY released; records with 3rd party; "efficiency"

Transparency News, 9/14/2023

an insurance claim?; will the report be made public; narrowed in response


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