Sunshine Report

The Sunshine Report goes out at the beginning of each month and includes updates on the work of the Coalition, summaries of the most significant open government stories of the previous month and greater explanations of current hot topics.

Sunshine Report for December 2018

Sunshine Report for December 2018: Amazon; court records/rules; on the road; open government news on missed meetings, defamation & contradiction

Sunshine Report for November 2018

Sunshine Report for November 2018: Bob O'Neil; training; judicial branch records; open government news

Sunshine Report for October 2018

VCOG's monthly newsletter for October 2018: A new look; why you need us after the elections; government websites; closed meeting on vice mayor's title

Sunshine Report for September 2018

Sunshine Report for September 2018: Not as easy as A-B-C: Albemarle, Bristol & Charlottesville woes; open government updates

Sunshine Report for July 2018

VCOG's monthly newsletter, July 2018: FOIA Council updates; email disclosures; subpoena; apologies

Sunshine Report for June 2018

Sunshine Report for June 2018: SCOVA FOIA case; records sealed because of second-guessing citizen; open government news

Sunshine Report for May 2018

Sunshine Report for May 2018: police model; TVa report; amicus brief; FOIA Council meetings; news


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