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The lobvocate's lament

Given how many different committees I find myself in discussing FOIA and transparency legislation, it often feels like I have as many clients as the professionals do instead of just one, VCOG, and sometimes the goals of my job as an advocate versus those of my job as VCOG's lobbyist aren't compatible.

The Name Game

The policy flaw in the judge’s decision is that it allows a major category of public employees to remain anonymous. Specifically, it gives individuals who have the power of life or death over their fellow citizens to be paid from taxpayer funds without any accountability.

No way to run a council

The FOIA Council should return to its roots and proceed collaboratively


This report is not just in

It’s become predictable.

Some tragedy, some catastrophe, some breakdown, something’s gone terribly wrong.

Everyone’s reeling. Questions are multiplying. Rumors are flying.

So it is understandable that in their zeal to Do Something, many public bodies most closely impacted by the event rush to launch an investigation.

Please. Someone. Tell us what went wrong.

Then, weeks or months later, the announcement is trumped that the review is complete. The investigation is in-hand. We have the report.

And another thing...

Rocking chair quarterbacking the past week


Democracy in action

An Arkansas state senate committee hearing warmed my heart. Pig Sooie!


Contract pause

The optics of this fee estimate are not good.



Please stop making up reasons to redact names form public records so I can stop using all-caps.

Don't just feel smart, be smart

A controversy over meeting recordings in Augusta County could use a bit of clarity


Democratic government is open government

In an era marked by political polarization and heightened mistrust in public institutions, it is crucial to identify areas of agreement that outstrip party lines. One such area lies in government transparency.


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