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Transparency News, 5/12/2023

FOIA Friday; 63-day average?; tracking requesters; zMod readopted

Transparency News, 5/11/2023

execution records; no gag; no ordinance; further resignations

Transparency News, 5/10/2023

for the public, but not public; payment revealed; ouster in part because of FOIA

Transparency News, 5/9/2023

OK with no report; conflict?; stripped of duties?; "that fired me up"

Transparency News, 5/8/2023

not a very convenient fee; paid v. nonprofit lobbyists; defamation

Transparency News, 5/4/2023

investigation with no report; mum on jail deaths; wire taps

Transparency News, 5/3/2023

canceled meeting; court-ordered public hearing; secret bidder

Transparency News, 5/2/2023

5/2/23: donated papers; the day bin Laden died; FOIA is for friends and enemies

Transparency News, 5/1/2023

miscalculation; developing a megasite; archaeology gag; justifying secrecy

Transparency News, 4/28/2023

Supreme Court cases & their impact; drugs & guns; "What difference does it make?"


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