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Transparency News 2/25/20

keep the news local; unsolicited bid; social media engagement

Transparency News 2/24/20

access to new filings; FOIA case to be heard?; collecting student data

Transparency News 2/21/20

DOC sued over "reasonably specific"; %!&#% video; town manager complaints

Transparency News 2/20/20

Norfolk superintendent; Geoportal; newspaper cafe

Transparency News 2/19/20

sponsors; V-P move; private universities & FOIA

Transparency News 2/18/20

SLAPP explained; credentials; McMillions & FOIA; economic development & the people

Transparency News 2/17/20

resignation letter; SELC, FOIA, NEPA; invoices and the treasurer

Transparency News 2/14/20

just how many FOIAs?; a GoFundMe for requests; attorney fees

Transparency News, 2/13/20

frustration; out of state case; computer trespass; citizen complaints

Transparency News 2/12/20

libel suits tossed and SLAPPed; contradiction?; NFOIC research; Zippo


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