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Transparency News 4/17/19

left holding the bag; no clarity; FBI records center; dignity

Transparency News 4/16/19

cell phone cameras; Danville GIS app; mugshot scofflaws?; Post's FOIA stance

Transparency News 4/15/19

suing for the proposal; defamation settlement; Bennett's amendment

Transparency News 4/12/19

conference photos; right there in the minutes; COIA; Brad Pitt

Transparency News 4/11/19

downplaying comment; defamation two ways; from 10 to 200; VCOG featured in editorial

Transparency News 4/10/19

audit, final or draft; appoint the one who was defeated?; I-81 landing

Transparency News 4/9/19

extra day; leery of closed meetings; deleted email; university agreement

Transparency News 4/8/19

if it quacks like a public body; model legislation; who paid?

Transparency News 4/4/19

more than just bleeped; transparently not commenting and late-night voting

Transparency News 4/3/19

when the time is right; oppo email; citizens teaching lesson


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