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Transparency News, 9/27/2022

Amazon didn't want it anymore; registrar suit; closed due to their own inaction

Transparency News, 9/26/2022

not a free speech issue; no leaks, but a book; fees force abandonment

Transparency News, 9/23/2022

the board leaned 3-2; contract comparison; abrupt withdrawal

Transparency News, 9/22/2022

not done yet; addresses; BOS or Jesus?; minutes row

Transparency News, 9/21/2022

no reinstatement; no quorum; decertification defamation; Juul suit

Transparency News, 9/20/2022

47 or 7?; deleted messages; fake document; 11-year-old FOIA case

Transparency News, 9/19/2022

cost of travel; shouting after 5 minutes; security at meetings; subpoenas

Transparency News, 9/16/2022

survey; document destruction; hacked; Constitution Day

Transparency News, 9/15/2022

out-of-state travel; 5 a.m. vote; student info disclosed?

Transparency News, 9/14/2022

higher ed boards; stolen ID; Spotsy school chaos; Favre texts; UAPs


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