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Transparency News 6/3/19

scanner archived timeline; OLC opinions; "did no harm"; something alarming

Transparency News 5/31/19

attorney fees; fewer members; Texas open government bills

Transparency News 5/30/19

Judge orders proposal's release; flawed process; above board; outtakes

Transparency News 5/28/19

FOIA fees being challenged; sad aspect overtime cap; data center;

Transparency News 5/24/19

inmate escape; public trust; Smollett file unsealed; most transparent?

Transparency News 5/23/19

release report w/ deletions; not a press event; closed-door interviews

Transparency News 5/22/19

HRRJ meeting closed for litigation; cute baby; conspiracy to obtain document?

Transparency News 5/21/19

foundation brief; airport director indicted; trial date set; rape list

Transparency News 5/20/19

anatomy of a press conference; mum on mayor's accident; making FOIA fun

Transparency News 5/17/19

millions of messages; disorderly conduct; Facebook expenditures


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