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Transparency News, 3/16/20

It's Sunshine Week (no, really!); relatives, but personnel; $2000 deposit

Transparency News, 3/13/20

conference postponed; emeetings in a time of emergency; casino confab

Transparency News, 3/12/20

budget day; guilty verdicts; why bother?parent advocacy;

Transparency News, 3/10/20

70% of the way; gifts were OK; tunnel; more flexible, less public?

Transparency News, 3/9/20

how much for security?; in camera review; how will "weed" know?

Transparency News, 3/6/20

Rappahannock FOIA case; juvenile's hearing still closed; it was him

Transparency News, 3/5/20

conference committees; secret casino meetings; the entire strategy

Transparency News, 3/4/20

whose contract?; interviews: judges & SCC; about that ransom...

Transparency News, 3/3/20

what scanner encryption means; denied FOIA plate; "candid" communication

Transparency News, 3/2/20

student newspapers; university foundations; way-advance sign up


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