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Transparency News 10/11/18

GMU agreements; arena development documents; joint closed meeting

Transparency News 10/10/18

corrected link; Fleenor saga rolls on; consultants; Metro records requests

Transparency News 10/9/18

VCOG's opinions archive; abrupt resignation; skull

Transparency News 10/8/18

contempt for talking about sealed open records case; Atlanta settlement; who?

Transparency News 10/5/18

almanac; selective crime disclosure; no photography sign

Transparency News 10/4/18

stop and frisk data difficulty; now a felon; jumping through hoops

Transparency News 10/3/18

Bob O'Neil; towing for taxes; real estate; secret court; Amherst accolades

Transparency News 10/2/18

still on the payroll; pipeline email; 2 FOIA lawsuit updates; open checkbook

Transparency News 10/1/18

Carrier email; parking; familiarity breeds contempt; coveted info

Transparency News 9/28/18

charter trumps?'; public input; search firms; costliest requests


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