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Transparency News 9/17/19

JLARC on OIG; not all settlements; working against; Constitution Day

Transparency News 9/16/19

CLE; meetings primer, security; mistaken payment; no fans, actual malice

Transparency News 9/13/19

defamation cases; appealing attorney fees; Metro investigations; email experiment

Transparency News 9/12/19

GMU foundation case; election-year FOIA fee; back on air?; water testing

Transparency News 9/11/19

appeal of FOIA case; new charges; Arlington, Amazon & Ring; ham sandwich

Transparency News 9/10/19

attorney fees; Virginia or California; hiding evidence; body cameras

Transparency News 9/9/19

legionella; defamation; public defenders; uncovering theft

Transparency News 9/6/19

Fairfax FOIA; credit cards and vendor lunches; interactive dashboard

Transparency News 9/5/19

ghostwriter; driver secrets; what Tennessee thought; Epstein names

Transparency News 9/4/19

fall guy?; credit card use; press credentials; rushed to the defense


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