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Transparency News 12/6/19

Nationals plates; public hearing lives on; Fairfax libel case

Transparency News 12/4/19

timeline; casino talk; departures without answers; parents owed more

Transparency News 12/3/19

#GivingTuesday; vital records; the process; lobbyist authors

Transparency News 12/2/19

forced to hold a hearing; 2A sanctuary & public comment; about those drapes

Transparency News 11/27/19

VCOG daily access news, 11/27/19: redaction of names; in support of student journalists; pay up

Transparency News 11/26/19

the one thing in common; from hundreds to free; Ukraine; Mueller

Transparency News 11/25/19

work session; the spread of missing data; "I got FOIA'ed"

Transparency News 11/22/19

non-disclosure; standing committees & ex parte talk; election spending

Transparency News 11/21/19

report on judge; preaching to the choir; legal fees; local papers

Transparency News 11/20/19

board member shifts; no reason; not important; not trying to restrict


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