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Transparency News, 12/14/2023

FOIA Council meeting; 27 hours of comment; snowplows

Transparency News, 12/13/2023

rights restoration records; complaining a lot; is transparency a partisan word?

Transparency News, 12/12/2023

no notice?; secret meeting?; rotating locations; hearing prep; AI's need for public data

Transparency News, 12/11/2023

suing for report; 136 requests reveal why system is broken; not "qualified"

Transparency News, 12/8/2023

FOIA Friday; good government training; surveillance center; it's about financial risk

Transparency News, 12/7/2023

civics ed fund; on 2nd thought; anguished email; 11th missed meeting

Transparency News, 12/6/2023

consensus is action; contract renewal; text exchange; legislative turnover

Transparency News, 12/5/2023

support for the process; FOIA in Fairfax; don't show me in the Show Me State

Transparency News, 12/4/2023

ethics policies; charges dropped; you can't even get your record; Md. vital records

Transparency News, 12/1/2023

FOIA Friday; 5 a.m. vote; no lame ducks; Marsy's law ≠ anonymity


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