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Transparency News, 1/11/2022

records released; doozy of a meeting; "easy legislative remedy"; we're different

Transparency News, 1/10/2022

back online; vote reversal; vital records office; reporters banned

Transparency News, 1/6/2022

more grants; removal hearing; limited seating; econ development NDAs

Transparency News, 1/5/2022

suing for blood tests; censure erased; pardon; legislative transparency

Transparency News, 1/4/2022

answers wanted; work sessions, not committees; digitize land records

Transparency News, 1/3/2022

tie-breaker; gun-brandishing as speech; blocked destruction

Transparency News, 12/31/21

Happy New Year; secret subpoena; Wickr in Maryland

Transparency News, 12/30/21

defamation suit; legal memos; Tennessee's COVID response

Transparency News, 12/29/21

parole board votes/investigation; no one to lead; spending "mistakes"

Transparency News, 12/24/21

inundated; it doesn't give people a lot of time to plan; harassment


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