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Transparency News, 9/9/20

unable to vote; conducting business on a personal phone

Transparency News, 9/8/20

criminal investigative files; expungement; loophole

Transparency News, 9/3/20

digital counties; immigration records; legislative priorities

Transparency News, 9/2/20

joint commission on virtual conduct; designated remote locations; emotional trainwrecks

Transparency News, 8/31/20

nursing home numbers yes, poultry plant numbers no, church numbers kinda

Transparency News, 8/28/20

public votes; video disclosure bill; not personally identifiable

Transparency News, 8/27/20

are superintendent's twitter DMs personal records?; a thread; a backwater

Transparency News, 8/26/20

no-bid contracts; student privacy; is data helpful?; biz influence

Transparency News, 8/25/20

investigative records, Parole Board; sorry, students; hacktivists

Transparency News, 8/24/20

special session bill; student info & the census; emails undo a manager


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