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Transparency News, 11/24/20

body cameras & trust; it's important for everyone to know

Transparency News, 11/23/20

report coordination; attorney fees; SWAMP index; 277-year tradition

Transparency News, 11/20/20

committee members revealed; no longer "ongoing"; intensely human

Transparency News, 11/19/20

e-meetings recap; FOIA case for sheriff; reprimand for sharing; economic development data

Transparency News, 11/18/20

FOIA Council, yesterday & today; EDA public comment; "leave it there"

Transparency News, 11/17/20

FOIA Council & call-in meetings; virtual House & GOP pushback

Transparency News, 11/16/20

SPJ video; when was the request made; unanimous until now

Transparency News, 11/13/20

94% in agreement; sanctions for FOIA case?; betting on secrecy

Transparency News, 11/11/20

upcoming FOIA Council meetings; redistricting commission rules; backlog reduced

Transparency News, 11/10/20

COVID among hospital workers; tracing apps; drama-free


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