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Transparency News 8/7/18

super salaries; resume permission; agents as journalists

Transparency News 8/6/18

mystery removal; Richmond stop-and-frisk; FDA & off-label prescribing

Transparency News 8/3/18

records request heads up; new request system; fed FOIA suits increase

Transparency News 8/2/18

Amazon & procurement; trying to block release; public figures

Transparency News 8/1/18

short notice; party caucus & FOI; Y for yellow?; 3-D printed gun

Transparency News 7/31/18

investigation report; Parkland video; transparency for thee, not for me

Transparency News 7/30/18

you're allowed, but you don't have to; painkiller sales; 3D printer instructions

Transparency News 7/27/18

candidate withdraws; professor claims defamation; visitor logs & gag orders

Transparency News 7/26/18

dying in custody; FIRST system; reduced access to cabinet secretary

Transparency News 7/25/18

court records released; newspapers & the cost of government


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