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Transparency News, 10/12/2022

FanDuel; praise then punishment; Spotsy suits; what he wanted wasn't interesting

Transparency News, 10/11/2022

the cost of Bristols' problems; disclose the location; escape video; records & the FL guv

Transparency News, 10/10/2022

controversies include FOIA requests in Charlottesville, Pulaski and Rocky Mount

Transparency News, 10/7/2022

VEC won't say; DOE won't deliver; day-of filings; everyone knows it

Transparency News, 10/6/2022

ad contract; boycotting the meeting; backlog; schools charge BOS $12K for info

Transparency News, 10/5/2022

Newspaper Week; surveillance video; motions; minutes

Transparency News, 10/4/2022

plan without input; the liar speaks; hiding the McCain

Transparency News, 9/30/2022

upcoming meeting; statute of limitations; no quorum; code names

Transparency News, 9/29/2022

not an offense; action without meeting; the highest court isn't SCOTUS

Transparency News, 9/28/2022

records from before & after the fire; body cam video; didn't want the texts out there


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