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Transparency News, 1/3/2024

public tunnel; coaching contract; AI & public participation

Transparency News, 1/2/2024

lots of signaling; law as it was, not as it is; the Pound rebound

Transparency News, 12/29/2023

judge rules it's OK to not name names; the whole thing's privileged?

Transparency News, 12/28/2023

speculative harm; vacancy bill; GO Virginia data; Disney v. Desantis

Transparency News, 12/21/2023

deal on records forgery; and incoming makes three; fees across the US

Transparency News, 12/20/2023

public input needed at all times; God bless everybody — most everybody

Transparency News, 12/19/2023

our new faces; trends: lack of transparency in local governments, police body cam footage

Transparency News, 12/18/2023

no way to run a council; no info b/c it might change?; anonymous surveys

Transparency News, 12/15/2023

FOIA Friday; whistleblower; salaries; database of human remains


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