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Transparency News 10/3/19

sitting in; public body into non-public body; mayoral abuse; FOIA doesn't help

Transparency News 10/1/19

public building, private press conference; who will pay the attorney?

Transparency News 9/30/19

whither newspapers?; nephew; turn off the radio; city directory info

Transparency News 9/26/19

defamation & racism; utility hack; citizen gmail with government

Transparency News 9/25/19

indicted officials; initial findings; fees for records; conference costs

Transparency News 9/24/19

FOI Media Awards; executions; don't purge the records

Transparency News 9/23/19

removal petitions; video viewing; contractual relationship; ethics

Transparency News 9/20/19

secret defendants; still on payroll; blocked from meeting

Transparency News 9/19/19

rebuttals; familial relationships; federal IG; proposal withdrawn

Transparency News 9/18/19

report release; the cost of the yearbook review; PACER fee waivers


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