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Transparency News 8/24/18

protest shuts down meeting; what records they keep; Winner sentenced

Transparency News 8/23/18

remote participation policy; secret settlement amount; leaked ballot?

Transparency News 8/22/18

FOIA Council meeting; ballot emails; Abu Ghraib photos; CIA fax

Transparency News 8/21/18

more training; not as a citizen; let's chat, not criticize

Transparency News 8/15/18

public participation; staff directory; too much transparency?

Transparency News 8/14/18

heated adjournment; student & building data; no dashcam video in NJ

Transparency News 8/13/18

more room for the public; hack traffic; more encryption; robocalls

Transparency News 8/10/18

mum on settlement amount; SNP map restored; no attorneys fees against records plaintiff


Transparency News 8/9/18

parole records; forgiven loan; give us the document back; accustomed to the closed door

Transparency News 8/8/18

employment contract terms; Twitter claw-back; food stamp data


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