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Transparency News, 9/24/20

again, that ordinance!; online records sleuthing; submarine records

Transparency News, 9/23/20

no on public votes; the mural meeting; under investigation; Epstein

Transparency News, 9/22/20

AG on board's FOIA policy; identification continuum; other legislatures

Transparency News, 9/21/20

bill to the FOIA Council; no numbers districtwide?; let's go the email, Bob

Transparency News, 9/17/20

meeting overflow; vendor relationship; take comment; Constitution Day

Transparency News, 9/16/20

no school outbreak data; withheld records part of public case; no-cost appeal?

Transparency News, 9/15/20

refusal to participate; agency/program audits; Marsy's law

Transparency News, 9/14/20

JMU meeting; ransomware; altered agenda; re-traumatized by secrecy

Transparency News, 9/11/20

VCOG daily access news, 9/11/20: attorney fees; banned from speaking; residents only; defying the order

Transparency News, 9/10/20

datathon; private eye; expungement bill; facial recognition


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