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Transparency News 12/23/19

Virginia-less; death records; hyperlink republication; financial aid

Transparency News 12/20/19

FOIA Council bills; public comment or agenda; violations a crime

Transparency News 12/19/19

frivolous, meaningless FOIAs; smart street lights; surveillance tech

Transparency News 12/18/19

because of GMU's foundation; we didn't have a duty; ski resorts

Transparency News 12/17/19

no raise; restaurant inspections; protecting journalists

Transparency News 12/16/19

reviews, departures, silence; non-transparent; Nazi salute names

Transparency News 12/13/19

GMU Foundation ruling; colleges underreporting (& not reporting)

Transparency News 12/12/19

agenda head's up; clap back after criticism; compensation; was failure "technical"?

Transparency News 12/11/19

the study, finally; to pay, to create; community check; Afghanistan Papers

Transparency News 12/9/19

workers comp; board member-employee?; foreclosures; UFO research


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