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Transparency News, 6/17/2022

more insults; anonymous complainants; Calif. state bar leak; crypto contributions

Transparency News, 6/16/2022

fabricated, falsified and missing records; surprise sale; FOIA gold

Transparency News, 6/15/2022

no comments on camera; recall; settling on what?; wouldn't have to charge

Transparency News, 6/14/2022

money on the table; Virginia reports even if others don't; future of Uvalde records

Transparency News, 6/13/2022

used the back door; resignation; open session negotiation; one voice?

Transparency News, 6/10/2022

improperly closed, even locked; self-destructing OK in MO; in praise of text

Transparency News, 6/9/2022

actually discussing cases; resolutions; Wisconsin COVID data win

Transparency News, 6/8/2022

vote without ID; remote meeting disruptions; posted letters

Transparency News, 6/6/2022

not fully vetted; Atlas One; publishing salaries; even unfounded complaints

Transparency News, 6/3/2022

recalls, including one about FOIA; we did the math


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