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Transparency News 6/20/19

dispensary ruling; rock throwing; ransomware; step into the sunlight

Transparency News 6/19/19

disclosure order appealed; paying lawyers; not adversarial

Transparency News 6/18/19

data center tax credits; baffling FOIA?; OSHA compliance; heart surgeries

Transparency News 6/17/19

more norms and protocols; shortening meetings; resolutions; disappointing

Transparency News 6/14/19

rumors and unreleased records; obtained by other sources; email's hit on FOIA fees

Transparency News 6/13/19

pay raises; size reduction; reprimanding by letter

Transparency News 6/12/19

2-member committees; procurement; dissolve the EDA?; litigation exemption

Transparency News 6/11/19

FOIA Council subcommittee schedule; security deficiencies; embezzlement amount

Transparency News 6/10/19

family wants records; misleading data; sealed execution briefs

Transparency News 6/7/19

cannabis + FOIA; finalists; wall to separate officials


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