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Transparency News, 6/10/20

closed meeting...for FOIA; tests but no results; NY disciplinary records

Transparency News, 6/8/20

info & data disappointment; the FBI & Fairfax; FOIA freed

Transparency News, 6/5/20

CMS data; private security; amount, but not from Radford; more in-person

Transparency News, 6/4/20

school FOIA; inadequate notice?; bragging about behind-the-scenes

Transparency News, 6/3/20

in-person; personal relationships; not invited

Transparency News, 6/1/20

documenting COVID; press in courts; DOJ advises on fed FOIA

Transparency News, 5/29/20

FOIA win at Va's highest court; settlement -- partial disclosure

Transparency News, 5/28/20

email vote?; establish trust; proxy voting; coach's email

Transparency News, 5/26/20

new members; e-meeting performance; monument talks; opaque spending


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