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Transparency News 9/10/18

about that contract; confidential meetings settlement; enuf Kavanaugh documents?

Transparency News 9/7/18

Va. hunting licenses and government websites; against removal; governor's travel

Transparency News 9/6/18

choosing a replacement board member; airport; DSS director FOIA suit

Transparency News 9/5/18

medical weed & secrecy; unredacted lawsuit; guns at meetings; escorted out

Transparency News 9/4/18

only protesters barred?; tipster comes forth; Kavanaugh & the PRA; did he break the law?

Transparency News 8/31/18

charter bans release; meeting arrests; human error; unwritten rule

Transparency News 8/30/18

who leaked; NPRC; definition of malfeasance = FOIA request; dark $$

Transparency News 8/29/18

keeping complaints private; council member removal; politicians & social media

Transparency News 8/28/18

FBI headquarters meeting; as it is to appear; NDA legislation

Transparency News 8/27/18

falsified records; the OSU records component; Summitt threats; ballots


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