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Transparency News, 1/18/2024

another FOIA court win; the report is released; FOIA fee bill lives on

Transparency News, 1/17/2024

release the report; grappling with Gloss; auto-delete; not all are all-virtual

Transparency News, 1/15/2024

school report; travel; no notice x 2; repayment

Transparency News, 1/12/2024

Running Code; bribery, perjury; notes but not recordings?

Transparency News, 1/11/2024

proud of the legal action; charges dropped; analyzing the list; not everything is investigative

Transparency News, 1/10/2024

Coming up in the General Assembly and in the courts

Transparency News, 1/9/2024

court rulings on recusal and unsealing; Ark. effort again blocked; backlog

Transparency News, 1/8/2024

secret ballots?; admin leave for what reason; lawmakers can change that

Transparency News, 1/5/2024

reconstituted bodies fire, change meeting times, make new rules

Transparency News, 1/4/2024

GA bills; capitol hoax; secret complaints; no records on former rep


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