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Transparency News 3/15/19

Arlington's real estate records policy reviews, Amazon agreements; media attendance

Transparency News 3/14/19

$540,000 paid, but no contract; whistleblower?; requests trending up

Transparency News 3/13/19

investigation records; why the gubernatorial records bill failed; helicopter crash

Transparency News 3/12/19

post-closed session about-face; campaign finance training; $1.18 million taxpayer loss

Transparency News 3/11/19

Sunshine week columns; disclosure forms; citizen boards; I wonder why that is?

Transparency News 3/8/19

no ban on developer meetings; answers; "The trust is gone"; remote participation

Transparency News 3/7/19

Cville FOIA event; Amazon, Arlington & FOIA; curiosity led to re-do; civilian casualties

Transparency News 3/6/19

that's not city council!; incentives & promises change; personal letter?

Transparency News 3/5/19

court case on FOIA/privilege; humane info embargo?; resignation call

Transparency News 3/4/19

dysfunctional dysfunction meeting; spending; DC conflict


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