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Transparency News, 10/9/20

records contradict words on Dominion bill; moving to the convention center

Transparency News, 10/8/20

lawsuit threatened; not an illegal meeting

Transparency News, 10/7/20

another redacted IG report; there's a video, but no info; the loss of local news

Transparency News, 10/6/20

FOIA guidelines can't be waived; no comments

Transparency News, 10/5/20

complete and unredacted; Twitter DMs are working papers; relaxed deadlines in Loudoun

Transparency News, 10/2/20

FOIA Council; VSP portal; unseen comments?; FOIA, responses & COVID

Transparency News, 10/1/20

court watching by phone; bids for monuments; voter ID

Transparency News, 9/30/20

dashboards for schools; personnel records; grand jury tapes

Transparency News, 9/28/20

personnel records there, but not here; state returns to FOIA; zoos

Transparency News, 9/25/20

Norfolk reverses course; who's behind it?; Golden Padlock; $70,000 violation


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