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Transparency News, 4/13/20

not online; more spacious location; nursing home names; ZIP code-specific

Transparency News, 4/10/20

bullying; deadlines suspended?; closed telephone hearing; FOIA & the Passover story

Transparency News, 4/9/20

data not reported; support journos or have them arrested?; the un-press conference

Transparency News, 4/8/20

decisions postponed; votes against meeting ordinance; meeting tips

Transparency News, 4/7/20

New VHHA website; Senate in the Science Museum; more, robust data needed

Transparency News, 4/6/20

convening outside; no more press releases; not the time; element of humanity

Transparency News, 4/3/20

violations; records requests; hearing will proceed; OMEGA

Transparency News, 4/2/20

closed college talks; empty auditorium; lost connection?; Jefferson's epidemic

Transparency News, 4/1/20

why no granular data?; Arlington, Amazon & Coronavirus; military cases

Transparency News, 3/31/20

public comment; UVA's closed meeting?; govt surveillance; no unclassified spending


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