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Transparency News 7/2/19

don't want to be coerced; ideally; unseen database; genealogy in crime fighting

Transparency News 7/1/19

new laws; PAC-funded report; meeting arrests; sealing records in Penn.

Transparency News 6/28/19

annotated will cost you; Apple Watch; contract in closed meeting?

Transparency News 6/27/19

updated FOIA; plans released; on guard for ransomware; EPA review rule

Transparency News 6/26/19

closer look at VITA; business data ruling; who owns the law?

Transparency News 6/25/19

FOIA portal; town v. EDA; SCOTUS on confidential business records

Transparency News 6/24/19

judge rejects reconsideration; not unusual; IG's reach; ARCOS

Transparency News 6/21/19

why your own attorney?; EDA job interview; email as meeting; the FOIA request reaction

Transparency News 6/20/19

dispensary ruling; rock throwing; ransomware; step into the sunlight

Transparency News 6/19/19

disclosure order appealed; paying lawyers; not adversarial


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