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Transparency News, 6/24/20

teacher/principal turnover data; emails show scrambling; use of force info

Transparency News, 6/23/20

surprised; threatening defamation?; view-only vs. copy; $280 for an hour

Transparency News, 6/22/20

nursing home data...finally; use of force withheld; budget-lite; Bolton book

Transparency News, 6/19/20

unaware; policy tab; don't use cams; meatpacking records; shredding

Transparency News, 6/18/20

FOIA & electoral board removal; Tazewell violation; some explaining to do

Transparency News, 6/17/20

non disparagement; OSHA injuries; Civil War map; database, not FOI

Transparency News, 6/16/20

anonymous plaintiffs; FOIA suit against PWC; ag gag; scanner apps

Transparency News, 6/15/20

joint statement; no court reporter; data gaps; NCI meeting notice

Transparency News, 6/12/20

execution witnesses; censure of board member; resignations

Transparency News, 6/11/20

CMS data gaps; 49 email comments; journalists in protests


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