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Transparency News 10/22/19

clerk vacancies; CRB deliberations; DC body cams; hacking silence

Transparency News 10/21/19

mum on settlement; 1619 expenses; closed-door commission picks

Transparency News 10/18/19

dismissal motion; viewing video; lack of public notice; grant applications

Transparency News 10/15/19

search; criticizing the board; lobbying for gambling

Transparency News 10/14/19

burned financial records; integrity challenge; "deeply ashamed"

Transparency News 10/11/19

who will fill the FOIAs?; recusal; suing for EDA records; 4 improvements

Transparency News 10/9/19

body cams & FOIA; grievances & closed meetings; referendum & flyer wording

Transparency News 10/8/19

public notice -- who pays, what wording?; VITA in hot water; Black Hole

Transparency News 10/7/19

seeking body cam footage; bus company invoices; review and retention

Transparency News 10/4/19

mostly national stories; Datathon 2019; paper backups


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