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Transparency News 4/1/19

Registration special; FOIA Council training; social media policy; Comey memo

Transparency News 3/29/19

38% of requests over 9 years; audits; private gripes; an ideal world

Transparency News 3/28/19

the Front Royal/Warrenton EDA shoe drops; 8,469 FOIA requests; NFOIC Heroes

Transparency News 3/27/19

forced out?; defamation continues; meeting arrests in court

Transparency News 3/25/19

anonymous litigation; after-action report; FEMA; Adam Levine & the FCC

Transparency News 3/22/19

isolation data; audit here, but not public; private email

Transparency News 3/21/19

FOIA cases at SCOVA; who IS the FOIA officer?; mystery meeting (at first)

Transparency News 3/20/19

FOIA Council opinions; revote; red herring?; judicially approved scam

Transparency News 3/19/19

vocal then physical oppo; travel; no reasons; 40 years of C-Span

Transparency News 3/18/19

overtime data from some, not all; doubling down; data proves denials


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