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Transparency News, 2/2/2024

FOIA Friday; one suit dropped, another suit filed; bonding

Transparency News, 1/31/2024

sign up to speak; voting record; the missing judge; you actually can

Transparency News, 1/30/2024

no hat trick; missing money; side meetings; by design

Transparency News, 1/26/2024

FOIA Friday; federal shield law; FOIA in the Arkansas constitution moves forward

Transparency News, 1/25/2024

transcript left out; Augusta will appeal; epic collision

Transparency News, 1/24/2024

recap and look forward; dueling press releases; dueling board members

Transparency News, 1/23/2024

subcommittee meeting today; journalism, FOIA & you; attorney nixes further conversation

Transparency News, 1/22/2024

inconsistencies; soft launch questions; in-state flights; lawsuit webpage

Transparency News, 1/19/2024

FOIA Friday; retraumatized?; initial inaccuracies; settlement info blocked


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