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Transparency News 2/4/19

police chief input; opening PACER; Stone gag?; records case unsealed

Transparency News 1/31/19

AG & FOIA lawsuit; secret law firm; mushroom; trade secret case

Transparency News 1/30/19

legislative update; defamation/libel cases; campaign finance training

Transparency News 1/29/19

Recap of yesterday's bills; reporter surveillance; ad backers

Transparency News 1/28/19

donor, training bills; 2x2 meetings; no recorded votes in Kansas

Transparency News 1/25/19

tuition comment; rogue Twitter; personnel writ large or small

Transparency News 1/24/19

don't change it; VCU & the personnel exemption; facial recognition

Transparency News 1/23/19

the price of knowing in Norfolk; private person or public official?

Transparency News 1/21/19

surplus; new comment rules; Naval Academy deterioration; lottery

Transparency News 1/18/19

guns in meetings; economic incentives; airport boards


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