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Transparency News 9/26/18

who should disclose record in Bristol?; manual extraction; incentives

Transparency News 9/25/18

customs inspections; secret hearing for FOIA suit?; FCC comments

Transparency News 9/24/18

records yield timeline; juvenile victims; lottery winners

Transparency News 9/21/18

removal; intergovernmental FOIAs; Mercatus & GMU; chief gets it

Transparency News 9/19/18

not against the mayor; reporting from public records; writing bills

Transparency News 9/18/18

hackathon; public interviews; not perfected; Silent Sam texts; Foxconn

Transparency News 9/17/18

no policy, but so what?; closed to pick search firm; amount disclosed

Transparency News 9/13/18

changing vice mayors in closed session; they DIDN'T speak privately

Transparency News 9/12/18

FOIA & elections; reporters & fees in Arlington; confidential complaints?

Transparency News 9/11/18

spending caps, but still online; include the document; complaint backlog


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