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Transparency News, 5/13/21

agenda; body camera footage around the country

Transparency News, 5/11/21

FOIA Council subcommittee; choice not to release, or mandated by law

Transparency News, 5/10/21

Staunton dysfunction; delayed release; some visitor logs

Transparency News, 5/7/21

policy priorities; North Carolina body cam rules; fee schedule

Transparency News, 5/6/21

JAUNT settlement; Bristol video footage; "not off the table"

Transparency News, 5/3/21

pay for monitoring?; pretrial publicity; fact-checking; fees in Connecticut

Transparency News, 4/29/21

FOIA Council recap; hemp arrest video denied; no-comment reversion

Transparency News, 4/28/21

parole board firm & what's expected; repository of reports

Transparency News, 4/27/21

another closed pretrial hearing; full audio/video; hacked; common sense?

Transparency News, 4/26/21

call/video; virtual bad/good; Nottoway admission; COVID privacy?


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