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Transparency News 11/5/19

transparency platform; overpayment; flyer distribution; televise executions?

Transparency News 11/4/19

strange redactions; not the low bid?; why odd-year elections?

Transparency News 11/1/19

locked doors; revised policy; Life at the Top; birth dates

Transparency News 10/31/19

Local governments informing their communities

Transparency News 10/30/19

defamation suit dropped; unsolved paper caper; agenda materials

Transparency News 10/29/19

charges dropped; first public info; Collection Practices Advisory Council

Transparency News 10/28/19

unclaimed property; stalled FOIA suit; anonymous jurors; the deleted historical record

Transparency News 10/25/19

apple meeting; pre-removal tensions; upcoming release; secret name

Transparency News 10/24/19

other incidents (buses & ambulances); coverage backlash; no punishment

Transparency News 10/23/19

corrected timeline; removal petition; air traffic controllers


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