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Transparency News 12/17/18

JMU & Bolling records; phones in courts; 'get their attention'

Transparency News 12/14/18

governor's papers; park video; coliseum proposal; college banks

Transparency News 12/13/18

legislative bill chart; anonymous complaint; records contradict (again)

Transparency News 12/12/18

public presentations/engagement; Lanza records; reply-all tsunami

Transparency News 12/10/18

open the door; salary increase; gavel to gavel; kick the tires my way

Transparency News 12/7/18

unanimous FOIA win; public hearings; juror names; Clinton email again

Transparency News 12/6/18

HQ2 proposals (redacted); enforced silence

Transparency News 12/5/18

open but unannounced; charges; salary comparison; call for research

Transparency News 12/4/18

guns/threats at meetings; records contradict; burdensome white paper

Transparency News 12/3/18

more on credit cards; no website email addresses; transcript; Lyft kid


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