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Transparency News, 8/3/2022

skill games & the budget; new VB digs; citizen academy; red ball quiet

Transparency News, 8/2/2022

provisional licenses; no public comment; no acknowledgement; appeals info

Transparency News, 8/1/2022

voting blocks; meetings as theater; bring back the in-person moments

Transparency News, 7/29/2022

employee can talk; public comment; manager market shut down; galling

Transparency News, 7/28/2022

it's his policy, not the law; separate travel; Niko records

Transparency News, 7/27/2022

donations & votes; zoning paper trail; came to light during comments

Transparency News, 7/25/2022

database live; non-disclosure and expense; neo-Nazi case unsealed

Transparency News, 7/22/2022

only agenda items; defamation suit dismissed; Facebook comments

Transparency News, 7/21/2022

FOIA Council opinions; jCamp; unaware of its existence

Transparency News, 7/20/2022

changed address; changed location; amended minutes; intent?


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