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Transparency News, 2/16/2024

VCOG All Access News, 2/16/24: FOIA Friday; Council opinions; OSIG letter; alumni records

Transparency News, 2/15/2024

VCOG All Access News, 2/15/24: the cost of secrecy; dysfunctional electoral board; where to sit; $260K check

Transparency News, 2/14/2024

Valentine's Day greetings; ruling based on public data; lobbying by degree

Transparency News, 2/13/2024

change in title; why no recording?; video of final hours

Transparency News, 2/12/2024

p-card bill advances; speed things along; owls in Waynesboro

Transparency News, 2/9/2024

FOIA Friday; police data in the minority; disclosing partners; code names

Transparency News, 2/8/2024

still opposed; no purchase price; no details on pier; double role

Transparency News, 2/7/2024

scorecards; city directory; how much so far?; Colo. online checkbook

Transparency News, 2/6/2024

travel approval; meals tax records; reappointed; comments curtailed

Transparency News, 2/5/2024

unpaid bills, but you can't see all of it; agenda packets; F--- this town


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