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Transparency News, 2/2/21

working papers; parole; vaccine wastage; suddenly silent; landscaping conflict?

Transparency News, 2/1/21

HB1941; confidential settlement AND who it's with?; crime data system

Transparency News, 1/29/21

red flag & gang data; unknown applicants; coroner's reports

Transparency News, 1/28/21

updates; vaccine dashboard; not even its existence

Transparency News, 1/27/21

half a loaf; I will FOIA every text message you have; speaker limits at RHHA

Transparency News, 1/26/21

post paper; contract breach; FOIA fund; original documentation

Transparency News, 1/25/21

participatory budgeting; encrypted messaging

Transparency News, 1/22/21

vaccine data; lots of FOIA requests, and your point?; not as many outright awful

Transparency News, 1/21/21

FOIA bills on parole board, carbon sequestration & virtual meetings; standing to enforce retention

Transparency News, 1/19/21

VCOG daily access news, 1/19/21:subcommittee recap: YOUR VOICE MATTERS


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