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Transparency News, 5/11/20

redacted contract; from $8,750 to free...for everyone; general public comment

Transparency News, 5/8/20

virtual GA?; task force meetings?; back to in-person; bridgegate

Transparency News, 5/7/20

voted anyway; no-discussion hiring; some in-person hearings

Transparency News, 5/6/20

a growing chorus on nursing home data; cost of the session; 2 different zoning stories

Transparency News, 5/5/20

new data; budget now released; still no contract; department has power to release

Transparency News, 5/4/20

ABC, VDHRM & HIPAA?; Portsmouth; names released; SCOTUS phone arguments

Transparency News, 5/1/20

we need to be transparent; written comments only

Transparency News, 4/30/20

FOIA win in the courts; re-open panel not open; closed city hall≠closed govt

Transparency News, 4/29/20

VAB shooting file; virtual meeting interrupted; journalists' guide to HIPAA

Transparency News, 4/28/20

annotated code; UFOs; hodge podge; journalism during a crisis


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