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Transparency News, 6/1/21

were there requests?; fees & low income; cameras & privacy

Transparency News, 5/28/21

Capitol Connections; reaching out; "it’s been kept quiet for way too long"

Transparency News, 5/27/21

meetings subcommittee recap; reversion fait accompli

Transparency News, 5/26/21

FOIA Council meeting; public comment in Staunton

Transparency News, 5/25/21

first public glimpse; firing & defamation; DOJ & FOIA; Freedom to Gouge?

Transparency News, 5/24/21

fee website; videos; residency; no numbers; books; execution w/out press

Transparency News, 5/20/21

meetings subcommittee; judge on leave; journalists arrested

Transparency News, 5/19/21

FOIA Council recap (fees & police disciplinary records); Pound litigation

Transparency News, 5/18/21

in person; public/private process; not on the agenda; residency

Transparency News, 5/14/21

wiped phone; no malfeasance; release after saying no to ransom


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