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Transparency News, 7/28/2023

FOIA Fri-YAY! scanners; no consideration; asked who and why; the gang that can't shoot straight

Transparency News, 7/27/2023

citizen, member removal actions; going paperless; First Amendment audits

Transparency News, 7/26/2023

offline discussions; tracking donations; dog bites man; embarrassing

Transparency News, 7/25/2023

FOIA Council opinion; livestreamed work sessions; suit dead?; no John Doe

Transparency News, 7/24/2023

Ironman $; LVA on the Go; Tech salaries; oops in Arkansas

Transparency News, 7/21/2023

FOIA Friday; disappearing messaging apps; Jason Leopold; Congressional anonymity?

Transparency News, 7/20/2023

no free FOIAs, confidentially speaking; the Don't Show Me state; straw companies

Transparency News, 7/19/2023

seeking details; not a "fan" of open government; explain yourself

Transparency News, 7/18/2023

the FOIA claims remain; no more livestreaming; executive privilege

Transparency News, 7/17/2023

no insults; censures; timing of job posting; guns in public meetings


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