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Transparency News, 10/5/21

EDA-related charges; dueling recordings; more recalls; pay for ransomware attacks?

Transparency News, 10/4/21

yeah, we have the policy right here; WH salary; citizen time; 500+ pages

Transparency News, 10/1/21

IG report on recusal; 1st Amendment retaliation; hot dogs & informal comments

Transparency News, 9/30/21

trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube; defamation appeal; shame list?

Transparency News, 9/29/21

no more police blotters; public meetings and "statutory, regulatory, logistical and resource issues"

Transparency News, 9/28/21

contract renewal...not on the agenda; FOIA why A&M lost; don't be suspicious

Transparency News, 9/27/21

public records show discord; computer policy; secrecy at JIRC

Transparency News, 9/24/21

unauthorized contact; changed rules; toxic enviroment

Transparency News, 9/23/21

consent agreement not public (yet); what's a quorum; home buffer

Transparency News, 9/22/21

Suffolk schools' FOIA violation; why not talk publicly; what's a quorum


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