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Transparency News, 7/27/20

police disciplinary records; Unite the Right redactions; personal accounts

Transparency News, 7/24/20

info dashboards; investigation results, files; upgrade procurement; Epstein records

Transparency News, 7/23/20

cost of removal; no public comment, why?; nursing home data in Texas

Transparency News, 7/20/20

the changing of engagement; LEO names; evasive on the closed meeting

Transparency News, 7/17/20

school board FOIA violations; herculean effort afoot; CDC data; arson or speech?

Transparency News, 7/16/20

RPD (eventually) release figures; defamation for COVID coverage; no requests answered

Transparency News, 7/15/20

FOIA Council training; 911 audio; 5-years of data; what is burdensome?

Transparency News, 7/14/20

turned off; the record, not the viewing; Know Your Rights website

Transparency News, 7/13/20

waived timeline?; "no" to certification; no meeting violation; case videos


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