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Transparency News, 3/14/2022

criminal investigative records bill passes; bad language; NDAs benefit biz

Transparency News, 3/11/2022

campaign finance audits; post-meeting cursing; McConnell access

Transparency News, 3/10/2022

$76,743.97 & no records released; still not in person

Transparency News, 3/9/2022

734 to conference; bucking the 2x2 meeting; expungement clinic

Transparency News, 3/8/2022

seeking the redacted report; confidential hiring; the email says otherwise

Transparency News, 3/7/2022

challenging the sealing of the sealing order; stadium NDAs; plotting cemeteries

Transparency News, 3/4/2022

not a complete exemption; "our house is a hot mess"; deferring to biz

Transparency News, 3/3/2022

good news/terrible news; OSIG independence; JMU, FOX & DEI; only 33 complaints

Transparency News, 3/2/2022

misinformation; block chain title search; apology; WhatsApp ban

Transparency News, 3/1/2022

citizen boards; dividers; commission funding; video in court


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