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Transparency News, 8/17/2022

elected officials and FOIA; tense meetings; monkey pox; Angelina & Brad

Transparency News, 8/16/2022

annual report; asking for a meeting; presidential records; preposterous?

Transparency News, 8/15/2022

no take backs?; they put it on the table; complaint website

Transparency News, 8/12/2022

whistleblowers -- suits and skewed incentives; private conversations

Transparency News, 8/11/2022

document disposal; scammed; leaks; neglect records

Transparency News, 8/10/2022

COB finally meets; firing and resigning; settlements; fiscal transparency

Transparency News, 8/9/2022

2nd tipline lawsuit; closing all discussion; presidential records act

Transparency News, 8/8/2022

VCOG daily access news, 8/8/22: property value; lobbying; conflicts; permissive, not mandatory

Transparency News, 8/5/2022

legal advice for documents and meetings; voter rolls online

Transparency News, 8/4/2022

no evidence; not included in the discussion; no documents, but a report


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