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Transparency News, 5/28/20

email vote?; establish trust; proxy voting; coach's email

Transparency News, 5/26/20

new members; e-meeting performance; monument talks; opaque spending

Transparency News, 5/21/20

still on the payroll; student data; economic development queries

Transparency News, 5/20/20

hospital drug recipients; no charter change; TSA talk; visitor logs

Transparency News, 5/18/20

the unknown 60%; Twitter...not private; geographical limits on speaking?

Transparency News, 5/14/20

defamation & immunity; where did that come from?; BOS wants to FOIA schools

Transparency News, 5/13/20

adding comment; lobby growth; not OK to put FOIA on back burner

Transparency News, 5/12/20

share here, not there; archiving a moment; deal collapse; political reax


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