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Transparency News, 6/16/21

Staunton policy on FOIA; returning to the meeting room; letter on athletes

Transparency News, 6/15/21

investigation of the investigation; pumping the brakes; trust

Transparency News, 6/14/21

today's meeting; why encryption; a conduit email address

Transparency News, 6/11/21

shooting footage; Harrisonburg in person; withdrawn because of restrictions

Transparency News, 6/10/21

differing reports; public employee discipline; no campaign photo

Transparency News, 6/9/21

reprimand; rescheduled because of notice; the irony of body cams

Transparency News, 6/8/21

happening now: oral arguments; budget documents; defamation & FOIA retaliation?

Transparency News, 6/7/21

sanctions denied; not renewed but no discussion; "come with everything you have"

Transparency News, 6/4/21

3 different views of the budget; in-person w/out virtual comment; Fauci, DeSantis & email

Transparency News, 6/2/21

"bite" her; legislators & judges; funding cut; hybrid


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