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Transparency News 8/26/19

city managers; closed meeting guests; talking about the mayor

Transparency News 8/16/19

 won't pay the bill; how many downloads; a tiger is not an individual

Transparency News 8/15/19

public comments back on air; why did he do it: I am probably the subject

Transparency News 8/14/19

phishing comments; notice issues...again; condemnation Qs; "Delete!"

Transparency News 8/12/19

settlement amounts; performance review; too redacted; no fast track

Transparency News 8/8/19

report won't be all public; personal attacks; community forum; unread email

Transparency News 8/7/19

turf funds stolen; code of ethics; Palin defamation

Transparency News 8/6/19

charter petition; review group; dueling reports; off-the-shelf FOIA management

Transparency News 8/5/19

Phishing in PTown; defamation; timeline; green cards; not the spirit

Transparency News 8/2/19

coliseum deal; board relations; Amazon's surprise announcement


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