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Transparency News, 8/11/20

parole board votes; recorded work sessions; it's been two months..

Transparency News, 8/10/20

meeting lawsuit redux; new comment policy; $222,667 and 3 years; oh, yes we did

Transparency News, 8/7/20

reports released; further FOIA accusations; corrective action; credit cards

Transparency News, 8/6/20

FOIA day; release to legislators, not public; in-person/online session?

Transparency News, 8/5/20

redactions defended; oversight board; leaked video

Transparency News, 8/3/20

policy challenge; video release; casino proposals; public engagement

Transparency News, 7/31/20

the IG & the Parole Board; no open before closed; imposters; powerful speakers

Transparency News, 7/30/20

altered records; defamation past & present; reliable data; radio chatter

Transparency News, 7/29/20

EDA resignations; future contracts; it's all about the data; equal speaking time?


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