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Transparency News, 10/19/21

won't resign; won't give any information; won't keep it; won't get things done

Transparency News, 10/18/21

donations; resignations; removing, not burning; if that's the problem

Transparency News, 10/15/21

sealed charges; won't share contact info; reporters accused of hacking?; conflicting advice

Transparency News, 10/14/21

late night vote; leaked documents; "intimidate individuals"

Transparency News, 10/13/21

lobbyist disclosures; another resignation; school boards push back in different ways

Transparency News, 10/12/21

campaigning at meetings; Prince George livestream

Transparency News, 10/11/21

prelim injunction granted; commission implosion; screaming

Transparency News, 10/8/21

don't investigate; call for book banning; hostile work environment

Transparency News, 10/7/21

to mole or not to mole; normal meetings; filling vacancies can be a public process

Transparency News, 10/6/21

subcommittee recap; training dates; "wimps" and "stupid"; Middleditch


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