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Transparency News, 2/17/21

lost connection; tuition hearing; California's mandated comment

Transparency News, 2/16/21

paying for mayor's FOIA case; disciplinary files; left behind; credit card policy

Transparency News, 2/12/21

thrown out assessments; the cost of Bragg; VOA visas

Transparency News, 2/11/21

lobbyist investigation; expletives & edited video; economic development & public information

Transparency News, 2/10/21

JAUNT a public body; deleted FB comments; 911 transfer calls

Transparency News, 2/9/21

merged records; outbreaks; back-channel; billing in closed session?

Transparency News, 2/8/21

vaccine data portal; lack of grenade info; comparator data; sued for filing a FOIA

Transparency News, 2/5/21

extended session; AN email address; LPRs; Bragg suit settled

Transparency News, 2/4/21

bills left in committee; pro-FOIA policies in Herndon; DEQ email; Signal

Transparency News, 2/3/21

working papers expansion; we have the data; virtual access only with a note


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