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Transparency News 7/1/13

ports package released; free limos; Whipple beginnings; self-deleting

Transparency News 6/28/13

dispatcher suspended; post-selection recordings; Horner v. EPA; KCC

Transparency News 6/27/13

officials acting badly; leakers should be shot; abandoned patient records

Transparency News 6/26/13

severance contract; misspellings; Breitbart suit; highest bidder

Transparency News 6/25/13

secret recording?; another recall petition; no indictment; Oyez Project

Transparency News 6/24/13

arrest warrant procedures; more gifts; Snowden's military records

Transparency News 6/21/13

ballet conflict; Behghazi photos; racial profiling app; did she say "whup"?

Transparency News 6/20/13

rush for applications?; SPJ honors; logo-gate, cont'd; live opinions

Transparency News 6/19/13

school board fisticuffs; Prince William FOIA; optional open records

Transparency News 6/18/13

dispatcher comments; conflicts; troop contacts; iris scans; DPPA


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