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Transparency News 9/2/13

apology, not appeal; prayer fees fund; White House visitor logs; $24 dinner?

Transparency News 8/30/13

ferry report; JLARC leader; school building inventory; black budget

Transparency News 8/29/13

Hanover still pushing for meeting change; lobbyist disclosures; Zero Dark Thirty names; toll scofflaws

Transparency News 8/28/13

Onancock FOIA suit, take 2; Deep Throat garage; secret DOJ opinions

Transparency News 8/27/13

prez search; attorneys fees; index; NSU; FOIA classified!? (satire)

Transparency News 8/26/13

Big Data Institute; leftover money; Bible gift; Honolulu Civil Beat

Transparency News 8/16/13

CNU-PFAC MOU; mayor or manager; not our office; NSA broke the rules

Transparency News 8/15/13

sunshine music mix; no injunction; Italian vacations; witch hunts

Transparency News 8/14/13

baseball meeting injunction; admonishment; online repository; gov's Tahoe

Transparency News 8/13/13

school board shakeup; removal called off; Swartz file release; secret ethics reform


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