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Transparency News 8/8/14

conflicts council director; I didn't read it; fastest Internet speeds; justifying expenses

Transparency News 8/7/14

reined in; forgotten filing; blocking consumer complaints; corner the market

Transparency News 8/6/14

defending; speaking as a taxpayer; bribes; terror list; whipping stick

Transparency News 8/5/14

defamation; injunction not lifted; erroneous closed meeting; we take 'em to court

Transparency News 8/4/14

the 1st amendment concerns; zombie boards; whom you don't ask; throwing FOIA

Transparency News 8/1/14

Star witness; chartered jets; OK, yeah, we spied; auditing the auditors

Transparency News 7/31/14

evidence list; even stiffer dissent policy; can i vote?; DC's personal email

Transparency News 7/30/14

public dissent; just closing it; public meeting 24/7/365; meat labels

Transparency News 7/29/14

juror lists; filming police in Petersburg; Saturday opinion; digital traces

Transparency News 7/28/14

Virginia on trial; PTA town hall; official to resident ratio; broadband


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