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Transparency News 10/29/13

tracking HR buses; Portsmouth (lack of) communication; audits; may/shall

Transparency News 10/28/13

 call lists or screen shots; chancery court records; reporter's notes

Transparency News 10/25/13

Gates papers; open interviews; off-the-record tweets; what meeting?

Transparency News 10/24/13

life vests; still on the job; JonBenet indictment; private arbitration

Transparency News 10/23/13

anonymous jury; no more plate info storing; biz politics app

Transparency News 10/22/13

reporters fired; Google Earth to cemetery; Wikipedia sockpuppetry

Transparency News 10/21/13

purge suit dismissed; supe v. police; PETA target; policy making docs

Transparency News 10/18/13

arguments today; restored rights; demand for $$ return; iFOIA

Transparency News 10/17/13

no shield for email; purge begins; no fallout; $5 for 1 page

Transparency News 10/16/13

inappropriate use; more 2x2 meetings; offline database; SecureDrop


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