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Transparency News 11/27/13

recount; no explanation; Sandy Hook 911; birther satire; ballot secrecy

Transparency News 11/26/13

BVU severance; licenses & ethics fines; traffic summons exemption

Transparency News 11/25/13

certification; sued for seizing; Sandy Hook report; facts meet opinion; legislator email

Transparency News 11/22/13

conference speakers; misconduct; no meetings before Christmas; FISA

Transparency News 11/21/13

fake Twitter; party mailings; refusal to purge; nonsatirical postings

Transparency News 11/20/13

lost keys; trashed books; Medicare failure facts; Kia records win

Transparency News 11/19/13

Hanover again; Henrico mum; crowd sourcing education; teacher ratings

Transparency News 11/18/13

mapping trees; rat droppings; pension info; 24-hour notice; 988% spike

Transparency News 11/15/13

resignations; divestment; records returned; data-gathering spree

Transparency News 11/14/13

SCC impasse; write-ins and bar cades; kill switch; national security


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