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Transparency News 3/11/14

reimbursement policies; eudcating the judge; boobies appeal; cameras

Transparency News 3/10/14

retreat postponed; fee range; anonymous jurors; ambassador qualifications

Transparency News 3/7/14

Madison FOIA case; no retreat notification; destroying electronic records

Transparency News 3/6/14

FLOVA under stress; BVU investigation; resignations & retirements; another information hold-out

Transparency News 3/5/14

sanitized report; blurring the Biebs; whistleblower ruling; Democracy 101

Transparency News 3/4/14

watching a suspense movie; readable code; redacted outburst

Transparency News 3/3/14

reform, but not too much; Madison supes squabble; strategically placed poo

Transparency News 2/28/14

redistricting down; causing a ruckus; video in the SCOTUS; goose/gander

Transparency News 2/27/14

FOIA for board members; Oversight & Implementation Act; justifying 311

Transparency News 2/26/14

eyeing the Tobacco Commission; tracking handicap placards; no prvt email


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