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Transparency News 2/24/15

video/audio minority; what colleges can release; GMO, FOIA & academia

Transparency News 2/23/15

comm'rs of accounts; debt; doesn't manipulate info; care facility

Transparency News 2/20/15

free speech & panhandling; ethics at local level; Okla. disruption

Transparency News 2/19/15

VRE no-shows; police shooting policy; damage to security; Facebook edited

Transparency News 2/18/15

ethics council appointment; 6 not 28; the creepiest bill?

Transparency News 2/17/15

TV update; shielding drugs; local ethics committee; just Dominion state

Transparency News 2/16/15

teacher classroom privacy?; Hatch Act; govt efficiency; record the votes!

Transparency News 2/13/15

gang exemption; letter on lethal injection drugs; mandated public

Transparency News 2/12/15

confidentiality form released; ethics reform mash-up; Md. opengov office

Transparency News 2/11/15

reluctant ethics; HRTAC conflicts; Bush email oops; thanks, Senators


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