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Transparency News 3/25/14

library comfort; unannounced biz; open data cities; confidential Kissinger

Transparency News 3/24/14

the problem with email; data science degree; indirect assaults

Transparency News 3/21/14

transparent finances; 1st amendment at meetings; campaign defamation?

Transparency News 3/20/14

blog/twitter only; clerk retires; community college free speech; libraries

Transparency News 3/19/14

Storify chat; two-year study; crowdsourcing legislative drafting; decisions

Transparency News 3/18/14

Prez's paltry FOIA record; secret payments; police personnel records

Transparency News 3/17/14

Sunshine Week FOIA - fees; study; 2x2; Q&A; Transparency in Govt Act

Transparency News 3/14/14

appointments error; tracking Hampton crime; coal ash email; bulk data

Transparency News 3/13/14

digital archives; jail records management; deadlines; NSA in disguise

Transparency News 3/12/14

change in filing deadline; same rules; lack of technical expertise


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