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Transparency News 2/28/14

redistricting down; causing a ruckus; video in the SCOTUS; goose/gander

Transparency News 2/27/14

FOIA for board members; Oversight & Implementation Act; justifying 311

Transparency News 2/26/14

eyeing the Tobacco Commission; tracking handicap placards; no prvt email

Transparency News 2/25/14

SPJ event; Jones lobbying; x-rays online; NSA vs. the t-shirt vendor

Transparency News 2/24/14

Defending $700; AG ofc review includes FOIA; unpublished orders; Bieber

Transparency News 2/21/14

911 tape release a "mistake"; black & white photos; open door award

Transparency News 2/20/14

corruption awareness; gift back-up; plate readers & caucus/changed plans

Transparency News 2/19/14

board member's dual role; finance software; newspapers & civic engagement

Transparency News 2/18/14

lawmakers' finances; Montpelier library; Pandora politics; heaping shame

Transparency News 2/17/14

hiding evidence; Jefferson MOOC; Polk awards; 1st small open data city


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