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Transparency News 5/8/15

the jurors; tale of 2 FOIAs; excessive fees; NSA program; public records over privacy

Transparency News 5/7/15

dash cam; why change after 20 years; gun or 1st A; NSA testimony

Transparency News 5/6/15

dysfunction; shd discussion be open; the Memphis report; free speech

Transparency News 5/5/15

build a wall; more unpublished addresses; leaks; IRS FOIA suit

Transparency News 5/4/15

cloudy aquatics; no directive; Fla. guv's email; longer, testier opinions

Transparency News 5/1/15

redistricting records; veto; private email in Kansas; non-profit 990s

Transparency News 4/30/15

No FOIA violation in Loudoun; aggregate data; open up, court; code words

Transparency News 4/29/15

comment policy; joint conflicts investigation; discouraging 1-on-1

Transparency News 4/28/15

database should be open; only choice to sue?; not like Schoolhouse Rock

Transparency News 4/27/15

SCC contracting; pipeline website; you don't represent us; TRAC data


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