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Transparency News 4/20/15

suicide note; it is a threat; body cam footage; the public demanded it

Transparency News 4/17/15

anonymous on Yelp; stop saying that; why was woman shot; open budget

Transparency News 4/16/15

overtime; requesting public comment; addresses from public sources

Transparency News 4/15/15

report released; voting machines; behind the scenes email; asked before

Transparency News 4/14/15

batting averages; Okla. open records/lethal injection; Ark FOIA sessions

Transparency News 4/13/15

encryption; about that tuition hike; DOJ FOIA updates; transparency questioned

Transparency News 4/9/15

amendments & vetoes; UVa salaries; legislatures; I might've stayed in bed

Transparency News 4/8/15

bank account access; no corruption; the UVA board; bad FOIA+bad reporting

Transparency News 4/3/15

touch screens; general vs. specific terms; client's letter


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