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Transparency News 10/20/14

collecting phone records; clarification on breach; public comment private

Transparency News 10/17/14

local campaign finance; censured; VML agenda; Glomar at state level

Transparency News 10/16/14

dismissed juror; no board members in school; appealing to the board

Transparency News 10/15/14

abrupt departure; angry calls; new road rules; culture of ethics

Transparency News 10/14/14

no free speech at the plaza; brainstorming; reform FERPA

Transparency News 10/13/14

closed court records; Warner call; Bible talk; Clinton records

Transparency News 10/10/14

what's kosher; fire division; classified but authorized to disclose?

Transparency News 10/9/14

tracking hours; ICE app; right to wi-fi; open oil divorce

Transparency News 10/8/14

meeting missteps; not an ethics issue; student records; guv's Gmail

Transparency News 10/7/14

rethinking FOIA fees; execution restrictions; randomly divided


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