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Transparency News 7/7/15

property conflict; student board rep; not if I can't do business

Transparency News 7/6/15

data portal; consent agendas; Wisc. records debacle; 1st amendment support

Transparency News 7/3/15

partial payment; state police foia; $79,000 was implausible; midazolam secrecy

Transparency News 7/2/15

library records destroyed; fee fracas; not reappointed; classified?

Transparency News 7/1/15

final prayer; one defam suit settled, another started; minutes database

Transparency News 6/30/15

registrar; prayer fees; disaggregation; Hogan's sex tape; sign speech

Transparency News 6/29/15

donations & committees; suicide reports & discretion; K-12 financial info

Transparency News 6/25/15

changing spreadsheets; interviews unknown; prisoner publishing

Transparency News 6/24/15

Pittsylvania FOIA case; wildlife services; bad data; crash reports & DPPA

Transparency News 6/23/15

treasurer's ad; no more comments, even tho you can't read them; debates


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