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Transparency News 6/9/14

resignation; review of closed sessions; oil shipment secrecy; elec. tax assessment data

Transparency News 6/6/14

contesting the election; t-shirts in court; GPAs distributed; board split

Transparency News 6/5/14

close relationship; altering records; gag order; credit card discussions

Transparency News 6/4/14

wired schools; no-name witnesses; the right to cartwheel; model FOIA

Transparency News 6/3/14

$25K for suppression; a 311 for govt resources; no cert for source ruling

Transparency News 6/2/14

PETA & texts; as far back as 2012; pardon process; prisoner access

Transparency News 5/30/14

no seal; no influence; no Snowden emails; no names in child porn case

Transparency News 5/29/14

to stream or not to stream; asst. coaches' contracts; redistricting under seal

Transparency News 5/28/14

they knew; the why of ambers; scotus on reporter & protesters; crazy talk

Transparency News 5/27/14

governor's opportunity veto; tall order database; jail look-up; really?


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