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Transparency News 12/3/14

meetings & agendas; privacy in the constitution; anonymous officers

Transparency News 12/2/14

commission proposal; mandatory training; Eminen at the SCOTUS

Transparency News 12/1/14

double seal; no notice of votes; more than requested; millennials

Transparency News 11/26/14

again with the personnel; Watkins & scrutiny; motive in release?

Transparency News 11/25/14

first reform bill; emergency meetings; hybrid approach on notices

Transparency News 11/24/14

reviewing the forms; economic value; fed FOIA update; privacy surrender

Transparency News 11/21/14

negative coverage; conflicts policy; body cam records requests; earmarks

Transparency News 11/20/14

consent agendas; dirt cheap; Illinois & the big FOIA; mail monitoring

Transparency News 11/19/14

practicing before agencies; filed before decision; DMME royalties website

Transparency News 11/18/14

VCOG conference tweets; campaign money; public officials of the year


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