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Transparency News 7/22/15

meeting or info-gathering?; Rhyne on FOIA; Balto surveillance; the 411 on 311

Transparency News 7/21/15

no access to suicide records; superintendent salaries; private email

Transparency News 7/20/15

whether and when; oldest FOIA requests; Leopold; drug compounding

Transparency News 7/17/15

mobile complaints; more timely info;; prudent?

Transparency News 7/16/15

filming federal building; election FOIA; Rosenberg release

Transparency News 7/15/15

UVa + Sweet Briar?; police SLAPP; video release; Charleston gag

Transparency News 7/14/15

dislike; spending down; info block; donor names; hate speech

Transparency News 7/13/15

FOIA review forecast; one speaker?; digital county awards; depositions

Transparency News 7/9/15

FOIA appeal; hacking the archive; conflict or business?

Transparency News 7/8/15

to close or not to close; trespass plea; fed FOIA app makes things worse


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