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Transparency News 1/20/14

General Assembly's FOIA exemption; disabled buttons; MLK & press freedom

Transparency News 1/17/14

no more attorneys; job-seeking email; keeping the plate readers

Transparency News 1/16/14

closed embezzlement case; final disclosure; non-profit board work

Transparency News 1/15/14

spending warning; bed registry; surgery prices; eavesdropping hearing

Transparency News 1/14/14

judicial transparency; cutting meetings; improper mailing; lt. govs

Transparency News 1/13/14

Guv's gift limit; oral argument recordings; no libel of asst. principal

Transparency News 1/10/14

surprise hire; PETA & text messages; argument recap; "sue me"; mumbling

Transparency News 1/9/14

oral arguments; rueful gov; no files for victims; settlement sunshine

Transparency News 1/8/14

records mgt policies; Loudoun data breach; Yelp; memo for FOIA avoidance

Transparency News 1/7/14

bipartisan reform; judge evaluations; FBI theft;


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