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Transparency News 2/3/14

lone court records holdout; an unwanted record; Yelp verdict; FLS thanks

Transparency News 1/31/14

study vote; 2013 gifts; defense fund tally; POTUS security details

Transparency News 1/30/14

study vote; talk to, not about; food stamp data; understandable ≠ good

Transparency News 1/29/14

power shift; gag order clarification; econ development subsidy disclosure

Transparency News 1/28/14

no state charges; private email; smartest county; shield bill fails

Transparency News 1/27/14

aides' flags; Haymarket cont'd; Twitter sensation; mugshot maps

Transparency News 1/24/14

FLS bankruptcy; Haymarket implosion; rejected plea; military candidates

Transparency News 1/23/14

defense fund; reactions; intent; FOIA fight in SC; from reactive to proactive

Transparency News 1/22/14

indictment: reaction & transcripts; Delaware's secret courts; notice

Transparency News 1/21/14

SB212; grounds for removal; conventions v. primaries; programming error


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