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Transparency News 9/19/13

 "Like" the sheriff; chef deal; Dumler bill; meeting walk-outs; 2x2

Transparency News 9/18/13

anomalies; FISA opinion; Guantanamo counsel; prosecutor's anonymous talk

Transparency News 9/17/13

get out the meals-tax word; housekeeping & resolutions; prez records

Transparency News 9/16/13

eyewitness policies; sharing gun data; no FOIA suit while in office?

Transparency News 9/13/13

FOIA Council updates; interviews; public officials do records outreach

Transparency News 9/12/13

tale of two police searches; gift return: too little too late; SCC sun

Transparency News 9/11/13

call for nominees; value donation; search papers not seized; GAO on OGIS

Transparency News 9/10/13

SCOVA hears cameras in court; VITA reorg?; transparency in grades

Transparency News 9/9/13

govt employee info; relationship detailed in email; post granular data

Transparency News 9/6/13

iPark; redacted invoices; breaking encryption; most corrupt state


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