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Transparency News 2/17/14

hiding evidence; Jefferson MOOC; Polk awards; 1st small open data city

Transparency News 2/14/14

early to online; no salary data for YOU; pensions online in Nevada

Transparency News 2/13/14

sprawling amoeba; embezzlement; suit against NSA; felony wiretapping

Transparency News 2/12/14

ethics minus two; choose life plates; budget transparency

Transparency News 2/11/14

ethics bills & amendments; Clinton papers; bin Laden pix

Transparency News 2/10/14

consensus-decision; quitting committees; ordinary web crawlers

Transparency News 2/7/14

FOIA down; ethics advancing; confusing slides; delayed notification

Transparency News 2/6/14

2-track FOIA process?; redistricting bill; school salaries; little regard

Transparency News 2/5/14

Oh, SNAP; voter purge bill; right to flash; Delaware's LLCs; transcripts

Transparency News 2/4/14

gag orders; jury instructions; support for reform; tech data requests


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