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Transparency News 8/11/15

ABC won't release report;; DC body cam agreement

Transparency News 8/10/15

lawsuit for court database; council backs up closed-session complaint; Neighbor Law; Robert Freeman

Transparency News 8/7/15

aide invoice; don't put it in writing; candidate defamation; leak prosecution

Transparency News 8/6/15

UMW prez search; no extension; secret contract

Transparency News 8/5/15

storefront signs free speech; check for FOIA refused; Idaho ag-gag

Transparency News 8/4/15

Let's Talk; calls for board resignation; defamation; inflame, not quell

Transparency News 8/3/15

public comment redux; architecture archive; emails & tax returns

Transparency News 7/31/15

public comment: atrocious policy & lawsuit; secret testimony/hearing

Transparency News 7/30/15

private public comment; developer relationship; least ambitious bureaucrat

Transparency News 7/29/15

procurement; no word on resignation; riots; proactive release by police


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