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Transparency News, 8/31/2022

recess not a closed meeting; defamation; suing for a seat; hey, hey, we're the FOIA Monkees

Transparency News, 8/30/2022

no filing under seal; rejected plates; in the cloud; what else will they lie about

Transparency News, 8/29/2022

again, the records tell the tale; right of first review; silence is unacceptable

Transparency News, 8/26/2022

encrypted; confidential letter; students can vote; communication & transparency

Transparency News, 8/25/2022

"porn peddlers"; appointee background; MT300 for school board meetings

Transparency News, 8/24/2022

emergency meeting; we don't like to lose; no quorum; Facebook fight

Transparency News, 8/23/2022

email never delivered; sentencing audience; position not publicly vetted

Transparency News, 8/22/2022

stealth replacement; VOA investigation; Kerry, Barr & Pence; stench?

Transparency News, 8/19/2022

not applicable; fired or resigned?; embezzlement; privacy v. public interest

Transparency News, 8/18/2022

corrected link; thumbs up, not a vote; not required


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