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Transparency News, 7/2/21

FOIA full text; recall response; post-emergency courts

Transparency News, 6/30/21

return to "normal"; filling seats; cost of review; Nixon tapes

Transparency News, 6/29/21

masking complaints, more personal than political, GIS, threats to journalists

Transparency News, 6/28/21

the future of e-meetings; comment compromise; records challenge narrative

Transparency News, 6/25/21

First Amendment & case filings; on school board appointees-you won't know until we tell you

Transparency News, 6/24/21

meetings meeting today; defamation; embezzlement; police data website

Transparency News, 6/23/21

public comment chaos; online interest ≠ showing up; public -- not member -- participation

Transparency News, 6/22/21

E-meetings; body camera experiments; don't block FOIA in emergencies

Transparency News, 6/21/21

workshop video; dog sale; parole board recommendations & report criticism

Transparency News, 6/17/21

back to city hall; FOIA argument, restraining order; considerate of residents


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