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Transparency News, 4/26/2023

psych reports in court; correspondence withheld; legislative privilege

Transparency News, 4/25/2023

novel case; Alabama improvements; politicians & social media

Transparency News, 4/24/2023

OSIG/VSP report; look but don't touch; intra-government FOIA tension; being remote

Transparency News, 4/21/2023

mobile library; mum on investigation; Washington under threat

Transparency News, 4/20/2023

defamation & the county; in person after 3 years; overlooked

Transparency News, 4/19/2023

hiring cleared; fire alarm records; immigration policies; OK secret recording

Transparency News, 4/18/2023

retreats; fire inspections; but he certified; "dragged its feet"

Transparency News, 4/17/2023

voter list; withheld b/c we aren't mandated to disclose; retreats, because FOIA; Iowa governor must comply

Transparency News, 4/14/2023

questioning an action; hiring in public; better disclosures for judges

Transparency News, 4/13/2023

Richmond video policy; attorney-client protects resolutions?; one-hundredth of a percentage


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