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Transparency News, 3/3/21

resignation; maybe JLARC?; per diem; details behind the numbers

Transparency News, 3/2/21

an affidavit, an investigation?; judge on personnel info; SCC hack

Transparency News, 3/1/21

investigative records bill passes!; own this debacle; who gets to be the FOIA officer

Transparency News, 2/26/21

no BOV addresses; transparency ≠ opposition; records & the car fire

Transparency News, 2/25/21

more revelations & blame the leaker?; "yeah, we lied."

Transparency News, 2/24/21

unedited & unredacted; more virtual legislatures?; "We don’t have to. So we ain’t gonna."

Transparency News, 2/23/21

manager process; credit card policy; vote audit

Transparency News, 2/22/21

one step closer; undocketed bills; they could meet; confidentiality breach

Transparency News, 2/19/21

"I would think it's terrible"; some salary info, but not all

Transparency News, 2/18/21

connection lost; cyber attack; consumer data


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