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Transparency News, 12/21/20

talk to the wall; new dashboard; Google security; search≠new record

Transparency News 12/18/20

public housing minus the public; bad notice; no comment; protest or intimidation

Transparency News, 12/16/20

mayor still allowed; planning decisions put off; forwarding email

Transparency News, 12/15/20

walk out; editorial authors; in-person legislators

Transparency News, 12/14/20

public comment at the GA; redistricting applicants; lobbyists online

Transparency News, 12/11/20

won't say why; removal for disclosure; video refutes claim; worth our time

Transparency News, 12/10/20

access to lawmakers; records refute claim; no in-person public comment

Transparency News, 12/8/20

COVID/meeting violation; privatized tourism; unknown candidates

Transparency News, 12/7/20

CNU & COVID; not in our closed meeting; continued payments for...?

Transparency News, 12/4/20

parole board votes redux; the letter; can't speak twice?


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