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Transparency News, 3/21/2024

no to the family; official resignation; censure rescinded; baby formula

Transparency News, 3/20/2024

secret permit info; digitizing records; the Space Force logo

Transparency News, 3/19/2024

from the county?; 4-day sign-up; overspending; time to modernize

Transparency News, 3/13/2024

cameras off; meeting canceled; meetings moved; pushed out?; $1.5 million

Transparency News, 3/12/2024

our open-gov award winners; public comment, the good & the bad; broken enforcement

Transparency News, 3/11/2024

Sunshine Week; lifting the curtain; records show family hires

Transparency News, 3/8/2024

FOIA Friday; Hampton suit; locked Excel spreadsheet; arena texts

Transparency News, 3/7/2024

e-meetings bills w/ the governor; which data; conviction set aside

Transparency News, 3/6/2024

FOIA office revamp?; unnamed employee; an investigation engagement letter

Transparency News, 3/5/2024

"stop doing stupid things"; unwelcome guest; definition of vexatious; landing the Super Bowl


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