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Transparency News, 4/18/2022

recall petition; bribe; in-person but still limited; tremendous waste

Transparency News, 4/15/2022

conference registration opens; digitization grant; jackass; missing records

Transparency News, 4/14/2022

media sues governor; proper notice?; hire another FOIA officer; student paper

Transparency News, 4/13/2022

Pence & UVA; didn't want a private meeting; privacy v. right to know

Transparency News, 4/12/2022

HB734 signed; narrowing request = lesser charge; sheltered

Transparency News, 4/11/2022

Judges orders more detail; amending the minutes; fewer bills?; records should be free

Transparency News, 4/1/2022

hot mic mocking; potential conflicts resignation; census data; worse than teeth

Transparency News, 3/31/2022

info taken off websites; extended process; keep streaming oral arguments

Transparency News, 3/30/2022

mum on severance; investigating each other; is avg 2/month "voluminous"

Transparency News, 3/29/2022

on leave, then gone; historic paper transfer; cyberattacks


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