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Transparency News 7/18/14

never too much; internal rule not to reply; Free Law Founders

Transparency News 7/17/14

trip info; back to pray; DC mayor; portrait rap sheets; ambiguous fine

Transparency News 7/16/14

pay increase; legal defense; remarkably similar; Orange GIS; atheist prayer

Transparency News 7/15/14

secret (for now) subpoenas; ketchup packets; government in the stone age

Transparency News 7/14/14

FOIA fine; cost of councils; can't see the tape; police misconduct files

Transparency News 7/11/14

federal lobbyists; explain email loss; statehouse reporting; welcome to NJ

Transparency News 7/10/14

vote for FOIA; clashing interests; another Snowden; don't use email

Transparency News 7/9/14

council updates; child-abuse follow ups; just an ordinary backyard BBQ

Transparency News 7/8/14

still mum on killing; false pretenses; visualizing data; reality show?

Transparency News 7/7/14

elections budget; sweetened pensions; no cirque de soleil; Web's future


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