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Transparency News 6/17/13

mansion records; rescinded vote; watering down "classified"

Transparency News 6/14/13

not trapped in France; not boycotting; Happy Birthday in public domain

Transparency News 6/13/13

overzealous but ethical; lobbying surcharge; oversight; naked Travis

Transparency News 6/12/13

request rescinded; "most significant leak"; the meltaway; the great irony

Transparency News 6/11/13

Request for AG opinion; gas litigation reax; traitor or whistleblower

Transparency News 6/10/13

RPV wants CHPs; UVA 1 year on; Edward Snowden; free trade treaty; outrage

Transparency News 6/7/13

texts? Parkmobile; lawsuit over being misnamed; NRA, govt & lobbying

Transparency News 6/6/13

Why are we doing this?; closed dinners; phone call dragnets; IRA interviews

Transparency News 6/5/13

SCC audit; White House private email; what more than THOMAS; CUDS

Transparency News 6/4/13

opinion misunderstanding; abstaining; socialite suit; go public & unfriend


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