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Transparency News 8/12/13

debates; trail of problems; prayers; MapPLUTO; Messiah; resign

Transparency News 8/9/13

skateboarder; school shakeup; "go back into a room"; Lovelace; misconception?

Transparency News 8/8/13

Henrico promotions; political signs; family photoed; why pick a fight?

Transparency News 8/7/13

no special session; TV news archive; Obamacare tech; prayer amicus

Transparency News 8/6/13

retaliation suit; special session; Bezos' buy; gun-buying teachers; secret DEA info

Transparency News 8/5/13

hard to get disclosures; cooperation; COINTELPRO; in defense of Hanover

Transparency News 8/2/13

mag policy defended; privacy post-Newtown; shield law update; thanks

Transparency News 8/1/13

new BOV era; pfac nondisclosure; more NSA revelations; adorable denial

Transparency News 7/31/13

gift returns; Byrd Jr.; speaker rules; baseball confab; Manning verdict

Transparency News 7/30/13

no traction?; guv's attorney bills; stolen laptop; Manning verdict coming; take a look when public's excluded


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