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Transparency News 7/17/13

applications AND orders; refund; legislator meals; 1st Amendment survey

Transparency News 7/16/13

"provocative"; confusing boil water notice; injunction against discipline

Transparency News 7/15/13

tensions in Patrick; wind farm FOIA; lots of libel; NSA blueprint

Transparency News 7/12/13

free flights; clerks; BLM release; slush fund; FISA court

Transparency News 7/11/13

airport protester; ABC email; Essex investigation; Martin rallies

Transparency News 7/10/13

up to $145K; hurling insults; crash reports; KCC meetings; mailbox cam?

Transparency News 7/9/13

verify signatures; reimbursement; Swartz file; bin Laden files moved

Transparency News 7/8/13

websites & ADA; Dragas has no regrets; LVA in digital age; "big data"

Transparency News 7/5/13

resign for threats? Facebook photo feud; missing audits; Restore Fourth

Transparency News 7/3/13

no trespassing at meeting; come clean; fine for metadata; TSA's Instagram


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