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Transparency News 5/28/13

New VCOG website; VRE records; why the search warrant was so broad

Transparency News 5/24/13

dispelling budget myths; monitoring hours worked; why AP scandal matters

Transparency News 5/23/13

special prosecutor; seized for postings?; Sandy Hook photos; gifts

Transparency News 5/22/13

bin Laden photos; Giffords shooting records; I for Irony; not so parochial

Transparency News 5/21/13

AG downplays FOIA claim; public meeting prayer @ SCOTUS; reporter tracking

Transparency News 5/20//13

AG not subject to FOIA?; FOIA Council meetings; marriage licenses

Transparency News 5/17/13

AG & FOIA; PETA targeted, too; unsealed but still redacted; stunning

Transparency News 5/16/13

outside counsel; town sues county; the week for the 1st amendment

Transparency News 5/15/13


Quilts; 10 Commandments; prodigal councilmen; more on IRS & AP

Transparency News 5/14/13


NSU; IRS; 6-page FOIA denial; AP; Swartz & MIT; far too deferential


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