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Transparency News 1/2/14

budget hearings; taping closed sessions; PETA v. UCONN; gift of ethics

Transparency News 12/31/13

Person of the Year; drone testing; surveillance lawsuit

Transparency News 12/30/13

Leesburg's bill; TCC's Z Degree; no social purpose in sealing; ALEC

Transparency News 12/27/13

bills; digitizing history; social media policing; lynchburgislistening

Transparency News 12/24/13

city bribes; city finances; Aaron Hernandez gag order

Transparency News 12/23/13

special elections; localities & non-profits; lesson on the 1st amend.

Transparency News 12/20/13

Rust wins; Santa's open government list; legislators destroy records

Transparency News 12/19/13

it's over; delayed charges; more raises; "cavalier"; Va. Beach v. Norfolk

Transparency News 12/18/13

updated record keeping; gun permit redo; MuckRock grant; Web blocked

Transparency News 12/17/13

Falls lawsuit; almost certainly unconstitutional; lobbyist disapproval


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