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Transparency News, 2/14/2022

I-95 working papers?; weaponizing FOIA?; escorted out; belief in a higher power

Transparency News, 2/10/2022

higher ed data; tweet removal?; back off of journalists; level playing field

Transparency News, 2/9/2022

subcommittee update; affidavits; no watchlist; scanner app getaway?

Transparency News, 2/8/2022

bills with NDAs, shortened testimony, and charter revocation; regulation isn't law

Transparency News, 2/4/2022

tipline exempt, but why?; $$ for hybrids; drive-by bird; process of elimination

Transparency News, 2/3/2022

quorum ruling; 6 years worth of records; not from around here; NYT/Hunter Biden

Transparency News, 2/2/2022

asking me questions; part-time legislators; Tenn v. Va; only at the courthouse

Transparency News, 1/31/2022

study JIRC?; report released to family; making it doable; conflict

Transparency News, 1/28/2022

city/county collision course; FOIA & member privacy?; shopping cart gag?

Transparency News, 1/27/2022

udpate on bills; unprovoked interruption; QR code complaints


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