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Transparency News, 2/3/2023

Private culling; bribe offered to resign?; Pound rebound

Transparency News, 2/2/2023

judge info; only once in person; parent warnings; election officials, doxxing

Transparency News, 2/1/2023

same rules for everyone; recesses called; we've already talked about it in public

Transparency News, 1/31/2023

blindsided; identify theft; the president's FOIAs

Transparency News, 1/30/2023

electronic payment; JIRC records; now we know; FOIA, PRA

Transparency News, 1/27/2023

Alabama surprise; Pelosi footage; about that Fort Monroe exemption...

Transparency News, 1/26/2023

parole board report; youngest council member; disputed year

Transparency News, 1/25/2023

recap and preview; backlogged responses; recorded bid-openings; FOIA v. gadflies

Transparency News, 1/23/2023

Ft. Monroe; journalism tax credits; higher ed transparency

Transparency News, 1/21/2023

no settlement bill; no protective order; courtroom access; execution tapes


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