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Transparency News 4/2/14

intellectually lazy; mailer; FOIA for license plates; Duke: citizens out!

Transparency News 4/1/14

going to hell; no text messaging; black columns; restored rights; Garamond

Transparency News 3/31/14

not a meeting; purple Virginia; school prayer; secret settlements; no idea

Transparency News 3/28/14

Deeds report; PAC disavowal; lethal injection; meet-and-greet in name only

Transparency News 3/27/14

amend ethics bill?; residency; making the grade; secret drugs

Transparency News 3/26/14

Unreleased report; separate trials; cemeteries CD; Mandela FOIA; email

Transparency News 3/25/14

library comfort; unannounced biz; open data cities; confidential Kissinger

Transparency News 3/24/14

the problem with email; data science degree; indirect assaults

Transparency News 3/21/14

transparent finances; 1st amendment at meetings; campaign defamation?

Transparency News 3/20/14

blog/twitter only; clerk retires; community college free speech; libraries


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