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Transparency News 4/30/14

data act; planning conflict; Bush records directive; spring torture

Transparency News 4/29/14

call center; closed media gallery; judge with stock; your car at night

Transparency News 4/28/14

disclosures; do they financially look like us?; record comment response

Transparency News 4/25/14

survey; school defamation; remembering Pace; deadline consequences

Transparency News 4/24/14

finance report deadlines; new budget reporting policy; Virginia, not Va.

Transparency News 4/23/14

media gallery; millions of dollars difference; #myNPD Twitter fail

Transparency News 4/22/14

mayor's assessment; fines for message; tracking Twitter parody; Ken Bunting

Transparency News 4/21/14

state data site; no love for ethics; Colo.'s child abuse website

Transparency News 4/18/14

UVA prof's email; no (totally) secret declarations; guns at meetings

Transparency News 4/17/14

consumer "doe"; shad planking; youth commission; no info for YOU


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