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Transparency News, 3/7/2023

death chamber audio tapes; it was not a meeting; no personal livestreaming

Transparency News, 3/6/2023

parking; apology; subpoena; anonymity; UFOs; overclassification

Transparency News, 3/3/2023

$7,800 for policies; throwing shade on FOIA

Transparency News, 3/2/2023

access to the meeting, not the room; NFOIC officers; NARA and VA records

Transparency News, 3/1/2023

back under the FOIA fold; confidential party, terms, amount; jail records

Transparency News, 2/27/2023

a FOIA win; errant judges to be named; are they or aren't they a public body?

Transparency News, 2/24/2023

forged contract?; strategic delay?; Georgia SOS's FOIA request; legislatures as check

Transparency News, 2/23/2023

texts that should’ve been turned over; more detail on spending; resignation sniping

Transparency News, 2/22/2023

response to email characterization; abuse; kudos for meeting improvements

Transparency News, 2/21/2023

elected/appointed; FOIA'ed research; disagree in an agreeable way


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