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Transparency News 1/17/20

guns at airports; not paying the attorney; can't/won't say

Transparency News 1/16/20

burial records; zoning notice; legislation across the country; no C-SPAN

Transparency News 1/15/20

local lobbyists; say no to closed meeting; cost of the lawsuit

Transparency News 1/14/20

long lines; defamation; West Virginia invitation; Juul; animal testing

Transparency News 1/13/20

endangered artifact; cost of recall; student journalists; foundations

Transparency News 1/10/20

lawsuit dismissed; rejected conduct rules; inexpensive livestream; DTH

Transparency News 1/9/20

Central Virginia FOIAs; settlement amount; budget impact

Transparency News 1/8/20

hundreds of bills; sanctioning closed meeting talk; more transparency needed

Transparency News 1/7/20

VCOG-backed bills; NDA doesn't block FOIA; local journalism

Transparency News 1/6/20

Microsoft NDA; less-than-honorable discharges; Maryland open records report, secret court filings


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