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Transparency News 7/24/19

guns at airports; return to broadcast; Flint FOIA fees

Transparency News 7/23/19

FOIA policy; unreleased report; EPA rule pushback; weak argument

Transparency News 7/22/19

what we can't see; DHS FOIAs; how to recall; from $70,000 to $15K

Transparency News 7/19/19

video of confrontation; Stevens' legacy on FOIA

Transparency News 7/18/19

what can investigators see?; 3-month hiatus; amend the charter; RRHA

Transparency News 7/17/19

meeting of 5; board member terminated; 911 recordings; ARCOS database

Transparency News 7/16/19

campaign finance; Fairfax police; old software; overturn that vote, too?

Transparency News 7/15/19

explanation cannot be offered; hacked?; threatened?; give us back the data

Transparency News 7/12/19

voting out a voted in colleague; public radio news; cost of session

Transparency News 7/11/19

fate of the wall; still upset about the FOIA request; monument to journos


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