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Transparency News, 4/19/21

2021 report on legislative transparency; the recording says it all; Florida's access woes

Transparency News, 4/16/21

SPJ talk; previous camera footage; sign a records waiver?

Transparency News, 4/15/21

cell phone located; no more recorded comments; notice of resolution

Transparency News, 4/14/21

video footage; closed meeting notices; allowances

Transparency News, 4/13/21

Windsor records; universities, archives & FOIA

Transparency News, 4/12/21

no more meeting call in; defamation 2x in Portsmouth; a university responds

Transparency News, 4/1/21

investigation; demands you destroy; private attorney meeting; Tiger's privacy

Transparency News, 3/31/21

more facial recognition confirmation; masks & meetings; non-disclosure

Transparency News, 3/30/21

Parole Board defamation; police body cam; public or private; school hacks

Transparency News, 3/29/21

student rep; Zoom promise, but not the standard; not so proactive


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