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Transparency News 8/8/19

report won't be all public; personal attacks; community forum; unread email

Transparency News 8/7/19

turf funds stolen; code of ethics; Palin defamation

Transparency News 8/6/19

charter petition; review group; dueling reports; off-the-shelf FOIA management

Transparency News 8/5/19

Phishing in PTown; defamation; timeline; green cards; not the spirit

Transparency News 8/2/19

coliseum deal; board relations; Amazon's surprise announcement

Transparency News 7/31/19

databases accessed, breached; rants with no paperwork

Transparency News 7/30/19

Transparency Virginia report on legislative transparency; running for her old seat

Transparency News 7/29/19

communication breakdown; VCIJ; Facebook comments; school district hacks

Transparency News 7/26/19

surprise change to comment period; no prior discussion; phone numbers

Transparency News 7/25/19

social media best practices; 8 people; surprise decision; govt email address


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