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Transparency News, 7/7/2022

because of a text; quiet even with disclosure; incivility

Transparency News, 7/6/2022

redacted reports; quick firing; Notification and Assistance for Victim Inclusion

Transparency News, 7/5/2022

RPD settlement & retraction; stand-up public meetings; FOIA at 56

Transparency News, 7/1/2022

whose FOIAs are good/bad for FCPS; last-minute names; disorderly conduct

Transparency News, 6/30/2022

$400K severance; no outside review; non-English speakers; public notice issues

Transparency News, 6/29/2022

recall, again; available budget info; no names on complaints

Transparency News, 6/28/2022

no tracking, please; no quorum, again; audits & oversight

Transparency News, 6/24/2022

video online, but not released; no info on sexual harassment; it was an "oversight"

Transparency News, 6/23/2022

no personal assistants; preference for closed meeting; sealed visual content

Transparency News, 6/22/2022

no charges; no application; dueling signs; retreat 1.75 hours away; gift agreements


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