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Transparency News, 7/15/21

sign-up deadline extended; the mayor's vote; dissolving Mineral?

Transparency News, 7/14/21

shouts and heckling; police databases; shared videos; constitutional right to know?

Transparency News, 7/13/21

suit dismissed; embezzlement; no blocking; Marine records

Transparency News, 7/12/21

FOIA Council meeting set; suggested I keep it quiet; pandemic commission?

Transparency News, 7/8/21

can they move the meeting; FOIA against citizen?; public input on public comment

Transparency News, 7/7/21

council members at odds and picking replacements without public input

Transparency News, 7/6/21

scheduling; local emergency; vice mayor's vote; I've got the floor

Transparency News, 7/2/21

FOIA full text; recall response; post-emergency courts

Transparency News, 6/30/21

return to "normal"; filling seats; cost of review; Nixon tapes

Transparency News, 6/29/21

masking complaints, more personal than political, GIS, threats to journalists


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