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Transparency News, 4/4/2024

keeping others' info secret?; Richmond delays; community discussions; Marvin Lake

Transparency News, 4/3/2024

litigation panel; meeting gripes; the power structure; military courts

Transparency News, 4/2/2024

a new position; a lecture; a conference promo

Transparency News, 4/1/2024

dam records; policy clashes; circumventing the public

Transparency News, 3/29/2024

FOIA Friday; clashes with the policy; was the vote final?; Whitey Bulger

Transparency News, 3/28/2024

transparency legislation; no conflict; superintendents leave

Transparency News, 3/27/2024

revamping the process; audits show; athletic spending data

Transparency News, 3/26/2024

tentative schedule; rethinking public comment; a phone conference meeting, in 2024?

Transparency News, 3/25/2024

FOIA not staffed; public comment redux; conflict?; software deficiencies

Transparency News, 3/22/2024

FOIA Friday; "didn't get us in nothing"; cutting long meetings short


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