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Transparency News, 5/3/2022

no public budget meetings; projects promised; so many redactions; unprecedented leak

Transparency News, 5/2/2022

because police report confidentiality; won't say; group editing

Transparency News, 4/29/2022

SSN doc; raises; postponements; expensive even with a rate cap

Transparency News, 4/28/2022

online vital records; illegal legislation?; expedited resignation

Transparency News, 4/27/2022

disclose attorney communications; recall prosecutor; dropped suit against records requster

Transparency News, 4/25/2022

courts: search more, turn over ALL data; no announcement; record work sessions

Transparency News, 4/22/2022

SCOVA unseals some/keeps seal on others; the Bristols; cello comments

Transparency News, 4/21/2022

record turned over; no records exist?; not the vehicle

Transparency News, 4/20/2022

honor committee online; Mayor on the Move; gold mine; he likely would if...

Transparency News, 4/19/2022

did not appeal; yes, it was improper, judge; Bristol response deadline set


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