Person Who Is Subject of Records

FOI Advisory Council Opinion AO-30-01

A specific provision outside of FOIA prohibits the release of investigatory files by the Board of Social Work, even to the subject of the file.

FOI Advisory Council Opinion AO-17-00

An individual is entitled to his personnel record; general job classification and salary information of public officials is specifically available under FOIA.

Attorney General's Opinion 1987-88 #033A

Inmates' medical records need not be disclosed absent authorization from the inmate himself or herself.

Attorney General's Opinion 1983-84 #437A

Principal's handwritten notes, used as a memory jogger, and anonymous letter are public records if used to transact public business. Subject of record can access it, regardless of possible exemptions.

Attorney General's Opinion 1983-84 #019

Report by the Psychiatric Advisory Committee is open to disclosure to the subject of the report.

Attorney General's Opinion 1979-80 #384

Jail inmates are entitled to look at their own medical records that are otherwise exempt under FOIA.

Attorney General's Opinion 1974-75 #585

Teachers, and all publicly employed persons, have a right to view their own personnel file.

Attorney General's Opinion 1973-74 #456

City job applicant is entitled to see his application and accompanying background report.


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