Definitions: What is an Official or Public Record

Attorney General's Opinion 1983-84 #446

Financial data of retailers collected by an institution of higher learning for purposes of business research or publication are subject to disclosure.

Attorney General's Opinion 1983-84 #113

There is no law requiring a separate accounting for expenditures of funds, though any documentation on it would be subject to FOIA.

Attorney General's Opinion 1983-84 #437A

Principal's handwritten notes, used as a memory jogger, and anonymous letter are public records if used to transact public business. Subject of record can access it, regardless of possible exemptions.

Attorney General's Opinion 1982-83 #724

A draft management letter is an official record.Working papers exemption lost when chief executive officer distributes a document to others.

Attorney General's Opinion 1982-83 #727

FOIA allows, and no other code provision prohibits, the release of the names, telephone numbers and business-type information of local business licensees.

Attorney General's Opinion 1980-81 #392

Records regarding the use of a sheriff's special account are official records,even if the account is not funded by the county or state, when the funds are used for a public purpose.

Attorney General's Opinion 1979-80 #387

A computer tape of a real estate assessments in an official record. County need not provide computer tape for citizen copying if tape is stored off-premises and a hard copy is available for public inspection in the county offices.

Attorney General's Opinion 1979-80 #236

Medicare and Medicaid cost reports are open records. Court rulings interpreting the federal FOIA do not apply to Virginia's FOIA.

Attorney General's Opinion 1978-79 #317A

a report to a public body becomes an official record when it comes in to the body's possession.


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