Photos: 2006 gala and conference (page 1)

The children (and spouses) of the late Laurence and Catharine Richardson chat with the 2006 citizen FOI award winner Diane Johnson (to the wine-pourer's immediate right). Johnson's award is named after Laurence Richardson, a longtime Charlottesville broadcaster and a VCOG co-founder.

USAToday Editor and Senior Vice President Ken Paulson (center) was the featured speaker at the gala dinner. His speech was titled "Clark Kent and the Constitution: The Spirit of America's Free Press." VCOG board president Paul McMasters and his wife Priscilla are at Paulson's left.

Virginia FOI Advisory Council member, and Richmond attorney for local governments, Roger Wiley (left), chats with VFOIAC Executive Director Maria Everett and the head of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government Bob Johnson.

VCOG board member and executive director of the Virginia Association of Broadcasters, Peter Easter (left), listens intently to Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell.

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling congratulates VCOG on its 10th anniversary as Christian & Barton attorney Roman Lifson looks on.

VCOG Executive Director Frosty Landon is flanked by VCOG Associate Director Megan Rhyne and her husband Mike Parker.

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