The Virginia FOIA Opinion Archive


Attorney General's Opinion 1972-73 #492

If a body's constituent members get together to discuss public business is discussed and votes are taken, they have had a meeting, regardless of whether the body labels the get-together an informal gathering. Purpose behind FOIA.

Attorney General's Opinion 1972-73 #496A

Commission of Outdoor Recreation cannot discuss the funding for proposed park projects in closed session.

Attorney General's Opinion 1971-72 #467A

Closed session must be preceded by motion adopted in open session. Public body required to notify any citizen who requests notification of public body meetings, though public body not required to maintain a mailing list.

Attorney General's Opinion 1971-72 #466

Board must vote in open session whether to hold a closed meeting; no informal plan to meet is allowed. No need to publicize time and location of closed meeting, though those attending the public meeting where the closed meeting is announced will be aware of the schedule.

Attorney General's Opinion 1970-71 #447

Once a board is in executive session for an enumerated reason, it may not discuss other non-related matters but must hold a public meeting for the discussion of such matters.

Attorney General's Opinion 1970-71 #448

Committee of the whole of a public body's members is subject to FOIA; committee of less than all the members is not.

Attorney General's Opinion 1970-71 #445

Any action taken in closed meeting must be voted on in a public meeting.

Attorney General's Opinion 1969-70 #316

Local park authority may meet in closed session to discuss desirability/feasibility of acquiring a tract of land for use as a public park.

Attorney General's Opinion 1969-70 #317A

Salary information on school board personnel is open, but there's no requirement that the information be complied.

Attorney General's Opinion 1969-70 #231

Discussions between a school board and a proposed teachers association must be open to the public.

Attorney General's Opinion 1968-69 #261

newspaper publication is sufficient for notice of meetings. Not necessary to establish a mailing list to notify interested citizens of meetings.

Attorney General's Opinion 1969-70 #316A

Public body may not go into executive session solely at the direction of the body's presiding officer.

Attorney General's Opinion 1972-73 #494

A citizen who asks for notice is entitled to continuous notification of all meetings. An affirmative vote to go into closed session must be taken prior to each session.