The Virginia FOIA Opinion Archive


Attorney General's Opinion 1974-75 #078

Meetings between school board employees and an education association need not be open.

Attorney General's Opinion 1974-75 #570

Discussion in closed session about town manager's employment in violation of FOIA because the meeting was not preceded by an affirmative vote in open session.

Attorney General's Opinion 1974-75 #573

Industrial authority may hold closed meeting to discuss prospective business relocations provided there has been no prior public announcement about the business' intention to locate in the area. Duty is to create access to records/meetings, not to proactively release information.

Attorney General's Opinion 1974-75 #022

Board employees may meet with employee representatives in closed session, though meeting with the representatives and the actual board must be open.

Attorney General's Opinion 1974-75 #212

Industrial development authorities are subject to FOIA. Act doesn't require public notice of meetings, just notice to those who have requested it.

Attorney General's Opinion 1974-75 #579

Informal gathering of body's members to discuss and vote on the election of mayor and vice-mayor violates FOIA.

Attorney General's Opinion 1974-75 #578

Secret-ballot vote at open meeting not permissible. Election of officers by improper secret at an open meeting not valid until vote can be retaken in open session.

Attorney General's Opinion 1973-74 #457A

A body may prohibit the use of recording devices in its meetings only to the extent that it furthers the orderly administration of the meeting.

Attorney General's Opinion 1973-74 #450

Board cannot meet in executive session to discuss general budgetary matters. Individual matters that fall within an exemption may be discussed, provided the procedures from entering into a closed meeting are followed.

Attorney General's Opinion 1973-74 #451

Boards of zoning appeals are subject to FOIA. any action taken in a closed session is null and void unless voted on in a public meeting.

Attorney General's Opinion 1973-74 #453

Council can hold annual meeting at Elk's National Home provided FOIA notice provisions are followed.

Attorney General's Opinion 1972-73 #491

Acknowleding 1973 change in law that requires announcement of the specific topic to be discussed in closed session.

Attorney General's Opinion 1972-73 #488

Only topics covered by FOIA may be discussed in a closed meeting. Public vote must be taken prior to adjourning into a closed meeting.

Attorney General's Opinion 1972-73 #496

Special investigative commission organized pursuant to city council resolution and made of less than the council's full membership not subject to FOIA.

Attorney General's Opinion 1972-73 #490A

Board may hold a closed meeting on a topic it already has brought up in a public hearing and will again bring up in a continuation of that hearing.

Attorney General's Opinion 1972-73 #492

If a body's constituent members get together to discuss public business is discussed and votes are taken, they have had a meeting, regardless of whether the body labels the get-together an informal gathering. Purpose behind FOIA.

Attorney General's Opinion 1972-73 #496A

Commission of Outdoor Recreation cannot discuss the funding for proposed park projects in closed session.

Attorney General's Opinion 1971-72 #467A

Closed session must be preceded by motion adopted in open session. Public body required to notify any citizen who requests notification of public body meetings, though public body not required to maintain a mailing list.

Attorney General's Opinion 1971-72 #466

Board must vote in open session whether to hold a closed meeting; no informal plan to meet is allowed. No need to publicize time and location of closed meeting, though those attending the public meeting where the closed meeting is announced will be aware of the schedule.

Attorney General's Opinion 1970-71 #447

Once a board is in executive session for an enumerated reason, it may not discuss other non-related matters but must hold a public meeting for the discussion of such matters.

Attorney General's Opinion 1970-71 #448

Committee of the whole of a public body's members is subject to FOIA; committee of less than all the members is not.

Attorney General's Opinion 1970-71 #445

Any action taken in closed meeting must be voted on in a public meeting.

Attorney General's Opinion 1969-70 #316

Local park authority may meet in closed session to discuss desirability/feasibility of acquiring a tract of land for use as a public park.

Attorney General's Opinion 1969-70 #231

Discussions between a school board and a proposed teachers association must be open to the public.

Attorney General's Opinion 1969-70 #316A

Public body may not go into executive session solely at the direction of the body's presiding officer.