Fee samples

Sampling of actual cost charges in other states

Florida: Up to 15 cents for one-sided pages and additional 5 cents for two-sided.

Illinois: No charge for first 50 pages of a document; per page charge is 15 cents.

Indiana: 10 cents per page. Search costs, labor or overhead considered part of direct costs and can't be added on.

Kentucky: Charge cannot exceed 10 cents per page.

Ohio: 5 cents for one-sided pages and 9 cents for two-sided.

Pennsylvania: Fees must be reasonable and based on prevailing fees for comparable duplication services provided by local business entities.

Tennessee: Not to exceed 15 cents unless the public body can show special circumstances that would make it more expensive.

Vermont: 5 cents for one-sided pages; 9 cents for two-sided; $1 for color; 86 cents for a CD.

Washington: 15 cents per page.

Wisconsin: 25 cents per page.

For further comparison, go to the Reporters Committee for Open Government's Open Government Guide.