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FOIAC's hears 3 proposals at its 2009 legislative preview meeting


The FOI Advisory Council heard about three bills that might surface in the 2010 General Assembly session at its annual Legislative Preview meeting.

FOIAC's Public Records subcommittee recommendations for 2009

The FOI Advisory Council's subcommittee on Public Records decided not to take any action on a proposal by the Prince William County Schools (PWCS) to exempt from disclosure data collected by its Visitor Identification System (VIS).

FOIAC's PII subcommittee recommendations for 2009

In a proposed measure endorsed by the the FOI Advisory Council, FOIA would gain an exemption for the account numbers of personal and government credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts and other accounts with financial institutions.

The council's action came upon the recommendation of its Personal Identifying Information Subcommittee (PII), which met several times this summer and fall to consider several bills referred to it by the 2009 General Assembly.


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