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Roanoke Times: Do-it-yourself Sunshine

Do-it-yourself sunshine
Virginia's Freedom of Information Act is not just a tool for journalists. Any citizen can use it. Here's how.

If you really want to celebrate Sunshine Week's promotion of open government, exercise your right to ask your government for information.

Sunshine Week 2009

Podcast and commentary on using FOIA to track government revenue and expenditure. Find links to many more FOIA stories and commentary for Sunshine Week 2009 (and prior years) right here.

Norfolk meeting may have violated FOIA

AG's office and FOI Advisory Council say that when Norfolk City Council met for 70 minutes to discuss the indictments against three police officers, they may have violated FOIA. Read more on the Virginian-Pilot's Web site.

Lawsuits filed against Roanoke Sheriff and Radford City Council

Lawsuits filed against Roanoke Sheriff over mug shot-release policy, and against City of Radford over heavily redacted FOIA-request documents.

Va. Supreme Court: anti-spam law trashed

The Virginia Supreme Court on Friday, Sept. 12, overturned the conviction of a notorious AOL spammer, the first spamming defendant in the country to be convicted of a felony, saying the state junk e-mail law is too broad and violates the First Amendment. Read more on the Iconoclast Blog.

Va. Supreme Court: wrongful death settlements public

The settlement terms of several wrongful death lawsuits brought in Spotsylvania County against a pharmaceutical company must be disclosed publicly and cannot be sealed in the court records, a Virginia Supreme Court ruled Friday, Sept. 12.

Daily Press: Be a watchdog

Excellent editorial on the value of open government, using the backdrop of the current indictments of four Gloucester County supervisors, in part, for conducting public business behind closed doors.

Virginian-Pilot editorial: Judge's initiative invites mistrust

Judge's initiative invites mistrust
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The Virginian-Pilot
 © April 23, 2008
IMAGINE ENROLLING your child at a day care center after finding no evidence that the owner had been anything but a responsible, watchful caretaker.

Va. Lawyers Weekly article on online disciplinary info

Court: Delay Web discipline postings
Bar cites 2001 rules about transparency
By Alan Cooper    
April 21, 2008
The Supreme Court of Virginia has told the Virginia State Bar that the bar should not post disciplinary information about a lawyer on its Web site until the time for filing any appeal has expired.


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