Attorney General

Attorney General's Opinion 1972-73 #494

A citizen who asks for notice is entitled to continuous notification of all meetings. An affirmative vote to go into closed session must be taken prior to each session.

Attorney General's Opinion 1969-70 #316A

Public body may not go into executive session solely at the direction of the body's presiding officer.

Attorney General's Opinion 1968-69 #261

newspaper publication is sufficient for notice of meetings. Not necessary to establish a mailing list to notify interested citizens of meetings.

Attorney General Opinion 12-9-11

AG reviews 4th Circuit opinions that place limits on when and how sectarian prayers can be invoked at public meetings.

Attorney General's Opinion 2011 #096

Two members of a 3-member board cannot talk by phone to ascertain positions on issues or to arrange meeting schedules. Such conversations violate the open meetings provisions of FOIA.

Attorney General's Opinion 2007 #068

Virginia Retirement System can withhold information private equity firms provide the system on its structure, portfolio or strategy.

Attorney General's Opinion 2007 #027

List of concealed-carry gun permittees should be kept confidential by the state police because it might contain names of crime victims or witnesses.

Attorney General's Opinion 2002 #149

confidential information provided to the Virginia Retirement System by limited partnerships in the private equity market may be exempt from disclosure under The Virginia Freedom of Information Act, provided such information meets the requirements of ßÝ2.2-3705(A)(47) of the Act. Even though the Retirement System may deny public access to such confidential information, the Retirement System is required to provide to a valid requester under the Act the identity of any private equity limited partnership in which it invests and the amount and present value of such investments.

Attorney General's Opinion 2002 #095

two United States Supreme Court decisions you reference are not applicable to whether a circuit court clerk has a duty to provide public access to digital copies of the courts database of judicial or court records. It is my opinion that there is a presumption of openness of court records that has its origins in the common law, and the Virginia statutory law creates a presumption of openness with regard to requests for court records in digital format. Specifically, The Virginia Freedom of Information Act and §17.1-208 impose a duty on circuit court clerks to furnish copies of records requested by a citizen, without distinctions between paper and digital formats, provided the records are not sealed by court order or otherwise exempt from disclosure by law.


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